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2009 Southern Legislative Conference, Host Comm. 21st Century Revenue System, Leg Study Comn (2003) 21st Century Transportation Committee (2007) Abandoned Cemeteries, House Study Comm. (2005) Access to Healthcare and Medicaid Expansion, Jt. Leg. Administrative Procedure Rulemaking Comm (LRC)(1989) Adolescent Pregnancy Committee (LRC)(1985) Adolescent Sexuality Teaching (LRC)(1985) Adoption Registry Committee (LRC)(1997) Adult Care Homes Subcomm. (2011) Adult Guardianship Committee (LRC)(1993) Advanced Educational Opportunity in Our Public Schools, House Study Comm. (2017) Affordable Care Act Study Comm. (2013) Age of Juvenile Offenders (LRC)(2011) Aging Committee (LRC)(1985) Aging Study Commission Agricultural Drought Response, Jt Select (2007) Agricultural Waste Study Commission (1995) Agriculture and Criminal Law Committee (LRC)(1989) AIDS Committee (LRC)(1987) Air Cargo Airport Complex Committee (LRC)(1991) Alcoholic Beverage Control , Jt Study Comm (2009) Alcoholic Beverage Control Comm. (LRC)(2011) Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee (LRC)(1993) Alcoholic Beverage Control Study Comn. (2001) Allocation of Judicial Resources Study Comm (1997) Alternative Medical Practices Comm. (LRC)(1991) Animal Treatment Procedures Committee (LRC)(1999) Animal Welfare Act Committee (LRC)(1987) APA Rulemaking Process Committee (LRC)(1989) Applied Furniture Tech Ctr, Jt. Study Comm. (2005) Aquarium Fees Study Committee (LRC)(1987) Arts Education Commission (2011) Arts Education, Jt Sel Comm (2007) Assessment of Utility Fees Comm. (LRC)(2013) At Risk Students Committee (LRC)(1991) Atlantic States Fisheries Compact Comm.(LRC)(1995) Attorney General's Staff Committee (LRC)(1987) Authority of Magistrates Committee (LRC)(1999) Autism and First Responders, Jt. Study Comm (2005) Autism and Public Safety, Jt Study Comm (2007) Autism and Public Safety, Jt Study Comm (2009) Automobile Insurance Committee (LRC)(1987) Automobile Insurance Committee (LRC)(2011) Automobile Insurance Modernization, Jt Sel (2007) Bail Bond Laws Committee (LRC)(1999) Bail Bondsmen Committee (LRC)(1985) Banking Law Comm. (LRC)(2013) Banking Laws Modernization, Jt. Leg. Study (2009) Banking Laws Modernization, Jt. Leg. Study (2011) Beach and Fair Plans Committee (LRC)(1991) Beach Insurance Availability House Comm. (2001) Beach Insurance Availability Senate Comm. (2001) Beneficial Uses Hemp, Study Comn. (2005) Bingo Regulation Committee (LRC)(1997) Biological Evidence, Jt Sel. Stdy Comm. (2009 Ltr) Biological Evidence, Jt Sel. Study Comm. (2009) Boards, Commissions, Councils Study Comn. (2003) Boards, Commissions, Councils Study Comn. (2005) Boating Safety Education Jt Sel Committee (2007) Broadband Task Force, Joint (2009) Budget Oversight Committee (1997) Budget Practices Study Commission (1993) Building Code Issues Committee (LRC)(1997) Building Needs, Blue Ribbon Comn. to Study (2013) Business Court Modernization, Subcomm. on Business Development Committee (LRC)(1997) Cabinet/State Officials Compensation Study (2007) Campaign and Elections Procedures Comm.(LRC)(1985) Campaign Finance Laws, Sen. Study Comm. (2005) Campaign Procedures Committee (LRC)(1987) Cancer Control Committee (LRC)(1991) Capital Improvements, Jt Leg Oversight Committee (REPEALED) Capital Incentive for Tourism Comm. (LRC)(1999) Capital Punishment Committee (LRC)(1999) Capital Punishment, House Interim Comm. (2005) Capital Trial/Mental Disabilities, JtSelComm(2007) Care Provided Homes Committee (LRC)(1987) Career & Tech. Education Comm. (LRC)(2011) Career and College Readiness Committee (LRC)(2019) Cemetery Act Legislative Study Commission (2009) Cemetery Issues Committee (LRC)(1997) Central Living Wills Registry Comm. (LRC)(1999) Child Abuse and Protection Study (LRC)(1985) Child Abuse, House Interim Committee (2003) Child Care Committee (LRC)(1993) Child Care Study Commission (1997) Child Day Care Issues Committee (LRC)(1991) Child Support Committee (LRC)(1993) Child Well-Being Transformation Council Child Well-Being Transformation Council [REPEALED] Childhood Obesity, Legislative Task Force (2009) Children and Youth House Select Committee (1995) Children and Youth, Leg. Study Commission Children with Special Needs Study Commission Children's Services Study Comn. (2005) Children's Services, Task Force on Coordination of Chiropractic Care Committee (LRC)(1993) Chiropractic College Committee (LRC)(1991) Chowanoke Recognition Comm. (LRC)(2013) Civil Litigation Study Commission (1999) Civil Procedure Study Commission (1995) Civilian Credit for Military Training Comm. (LRC)(2013) Coastal Beach Movement Committee (LRC)(1997) Coastal Beach Movement Committee (LRC)(1999) Coastal Water Quality (LRC)(1985) Coastal Water Quality Committee (LRC)(1987) Commission Contracts Study Commission (1999) Commission Contracts Study Comn. (2001) Common Core Comm. (LRC)(2013) Community Colleges Committee Community Service Alternative (LRC)(1985) Companion Animals House Interim Committee (2003) Companion Animals, Leg Study Commission (2001) Comparative Effectiveness Study Advisory Bd (2009) Comparative Effectiveness Study Committee (2009) Comparative Negligence Liability, Jt Sel (2009) Comprehensive Compensation System Task Force(1993) Congressional Redistricting, Jt. Sel. Comm. (2015) Congressional Redistricting, Jt. Sel. Comm. (2019) Consolidated Environmental Comn. Comm. (LRC)(2011) Consumer Protection Committee (LRC)(1993) Consumer Protection Committee (LRC)(1997) Consumer Protection Committee (LRC)(1999) Consumer Protection Issues Committee (LRC)(1989) Contested Elections, Jt. Select Comm. (2005) Contingency Fee Audits Committee (LRC)(2011) Cooperative Extension Service Comm. (LRC)(1997) County Commissioners Authority Over Local Boards (LRC)(1985) Court Records Custodian Committee (LRC)(2011) Credit Card Contracts Committee (LRC)(2011) Credit Insurance Committee (LRC)(1999) Crime Control Study Commission (1995) Criminal Case Disposition Committee (LRC)(1991) Criminal Law Committee (LRC)(1993) Criminal Laws Procedures & Sentencing (LRC)(1995) Criminal Procedure Study Commission (1995) Criminal Recodification Working Group Criminal Record Expunctions Committee (LRC)(2011) Cultural & Natural Resources Comm. (LRC)(2013) Cultural Resources Committee (LRC)(1993) Dangerous Animals, Jt Select (2007) Day Care, Leg. Study Comn. on (2005) Dedicated Sources of Revenue Comm. (LRC)(1997) Defibrillators Liability Committee (LRC)(1999) Deregulation of Revolving Credit Comm. (LRC)(1989) Development Encroachment on Mil. Base Study (2003) Diabetes Prevention Task Force, Jt.Leg (2011) Digital Learning Environments (LRC)(2011) Digitization of Records Committee (LRC)(1999) Disadvantaged Business Contracts(LRC)(1987) Disadvantaged Business Program, Jt. Leg. Comn. on Discrimination In Employment Comm. (LRC)(1991) Dispute Resolution Options for Homeowners Comm. (LRC)(2017) Diversity in Public Schools, Legis Comn (2009) Division of 30th District Court Comm. (LRC)(1997) Division of Local School Units, Jt. Leg. Study Comm. (2017) Domestic Violence Committee (LRC)(1997) Domestic Violence, Jt. Legis. Comm. on Dorothea Dix Property Study Comn. (2003) Downtown Revitalization Committee (LRC)(1995) Drivers Education Requirements Comm. (LRC)(2011) Drivers License Medical Evaluation Study (1995) Dropout Prevention and HS Grad, Jt Leg (2007) Early Childhood Ed Consolidation Task Force (2009) Early Childhood Ed Consolidation, Stdy Comm (2009) Early Childhood Education Development Committee Economic Dev. Incentives, Jt Sel Comm.(2007) Economic Development Committee (LRC)(1987) Economic Development Infr. Study Comn. (2003) Economic Development Infr., Study Comn. (2005) Economic Growth, Jt Select Comm (2003) Economic Impact of Rules Committee (LRC)(1993) Economic Incentives to Industry Study Comn. (1993) Education at UNC Study Commission (1993) Education Finance Reform, Jt. Leg. (2017) Education for Students on Suspension (2003) Education Innovation, House Comm. (2013) Education Issues Committee (LRC)(1995) Educator Effectiveness Task Force (2013) Efficiencies in State Government Comm. (LRC)(2011) Efficiency and Cost-Savings in State Government, Jt. Leg. Study Comn (2017) Elected/Appntd Officials Comp. Study Comn. (2005) Election Laws Reform Committee (LRC)(1995) Election Laws Review Commission (1993) Election Laws Revision Commission (1999) Election Laws Revision Commission (2001) Elections, Ethics, & Lobbying Comm. (LRC)(2011) Electricity Sales Committee (LRC)(2011) Electronic Voting Systems Study Commission (2003) Electronic Voting Systems, Jt Select Comm. (2003) Electronically Filed Reports Committee (LRC)(2011) Emergency Care Volunteer Committee (LRC)(1987) Emergency Management Issues Comm. (LRC)(1991) Emergency Prep & Disaster Mgmt, Jt Sel Comm (2007) Emergency Prep & Disaster Mgmt, Jt Sel Comm (2009) Emergency Preparedness Study Commission (2001) Emergency Preparedness, Jt Select Comm. (2003) Emergency Preparedness, Jt. Study Comm. (2005) Employee Hospital and Medical Benefits Committee Employer-Sponsored Health Plans Comm. (LRC)(1999) Employment Procedures Committee (LRC)(1993) Employment Security Committee (LRC)(1999) Employment Security Law Commission (LRC)(1995) Energy & Fuel Costs, Jt Select Comm. (2005) Energy Conservation Committee (LRC)(1993) Energy Conservation Committee (LRC)(1995) Energy Future Study Commission (2009) Energy Policy Issues Committee (LRC)(2011) Energy Use in Buildings Committee (LRC)(1991) Environmental Justice, Joint Sel. Comm. (2005) Environmental Policy Making Comm. (LRC)(1991) Epilepsy Study Commission (2007) Equine Industry, Jt. Study Comm. (2005) Ethics and Lobbying Issues Committee (LRC)(1991) Exactions Committee (LRC)(1993) Executive Budget Act Revisions, Jt Comm. (2003) Executive Compliance Select Comm.(1995) Ex-Offender Reintegration, Jt Sel Comm (2009) Expanding Rail Service, House Comm. (2003) Expanding Rail Service, Jt. Leg. Comn. on (2005) Expenditure Model Subcommittee, Leg Services Comn Expungement of Information Comm. (LRC)(1999) Fair Treatment of College Student-Athletes, Leg. Comn. (2017) Family Issues Committee (LRC)(1993) Farmland Preservation Committee (LRC)(1987) Federal Education Grants House Select Comm. (1997) Federal Funding Impact on Medicaid (1995) Federal Funds Under Title VI Committee (LRC)(1999) Federally-Declared Disasters Comm. (LRC)(1995) Ferries and Oregon Inlet Committee (LRC)(1987) Financial Aid, Jt Select Committee (2009) Financial Aid, Jt. Leg Study of State Funded(2009) Financial Institutions Committee (LRC)(1991) Financial Institutions Issues Comm. (LRC)(1995) Financial Institutions Issues Comm. (LRC)(1997) Fire and Occupational Safety Committee (LRC)(1991) Firefighter Benefits Study Committee (LRC)(1989) Fiscal Modernization Study Commission (2005) Fiscal Trends and Reform Committee (LRC)(1993) Food Desert Zones Comm. (LRC)(2013) Foster Care Comm. (LRC)(2013) Funeral Regulation Comm. (LRC)(2013) Future of Courts Committee (LRC)(1997) Future of Electric Service Study Comn (1997) Future of the NC Railroad Study Commission Future Strategies for NC, Jt Leg Commission Gerontology Committee (LRC)(1987) Global Climate Change, Leg. Comm. on (2005) Global Engagement Jt Select Committee (2009) Government Efficiency House Interim Comm. (2001) Government Performance Audit Comm (2005) Government Performance Audit Jt Sel (2005-07) Governmental Immunity, Jt Select Comm (2007) Grandparent Visitation Rights Comm. (LRC)(1995) Groundwater Protection Study (LRC)(1989) Growth Management Committee (LRC)(1987) Growth Strategies Oversight Committee, Jt Leg Guardian Ad Litem Program Comm. (LRC)(1995) Guardian Ad Litem Program Committee (LRC)(1997) Guardianship Laws Jt. Leg Study Comn (2007) Guardianship Laws Leg. Study Comn. (2003) Guardianship Laws, House Study Comm. on (2005) Haw River & Jordan Water Quality (LRC)(1985) Hazardous Materials Facilities Task Force (2007) Health Care Insurance Costs Committee (LRC)(1989) Health Care Oversight Committee, Jt Leg Health Care Provider Comm. (LRC)(2013) Health Care Workforce Study Commission (2003) Health Insurance Accessibility, Jt. Leg. (2005) Health Systems Issues Committee (LRC)(1991) Healthcare in Rural NC Comm. (LRC)(2017) Higher Education Bond Oversight Committee Higher Education Civic Ed. Study Comn. (2007) Higher Education Facilities Needs Committee (1999) Highway Trust Fund House Comm. (2001) Highway Trust Fund Senate Comm. (2001) Highway Trust Fund Study Committee (2001) Highway Trust Fund Study Committee (2003) Historic Preservation Committee (LRC)(1987) Historic Sites Repair Review Committee Homeless Persons Study Committee (LRC)(1989) Homeless Youth Comm. (LRC)(2015) Homestead Exemption Study Committee (1999) Horace Williams Airport Study Commission (2001) Horace Williams Airport, Jt Select Comm (2003) Horse Racing Committee (LRC)(1991) Hospital Infection Control, Jt Study Comm(2007) Hospital Infection Disclosure Advisory Comn (2007) Housing Discrimination Committee (LRC)(1987) Housing Subcomm. (2011) Housing, Joint Study Committee (2007) Hunter Safety Committee (LRC)(1987) Hurricane Evacuation Study Comn. (2003) Hurricane Floyd Commission (1999) Hurricane Impact on Insurance, Jt Sel Comm (2007) Hurricane Relief, Jt. Select Comm. on (2003) Impact of Military Bases Committee (LRC)(1999) Incapacity to Proceed Committee (LRC)(2011) Indian Children Culture, House Study Comm (2009 Indian Cultural Center Comittee (LRC)(1991) Information Technology Committee (LRC)(1997) Information Technology, Leg. Study Comn. (2005) Inmate Substance Abuse Therapy(LRC)(1985) Insanity Verdict Study Committee (LRC)(1989) Insurance Fraud Committee (LRC)(1993) Insurance in Coastal Areas Comm. (LRC)(1999) Insurance Issues Committee (LRC) (1997) Insurance Issues Committee (LRC)(1995) Insurance Regulatory & Rate Comm. (LRC)(2015) Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Comm. (LRC)(2017) Interest Rate Regulation(LRC)(1985) Intergovernmental Relations Comm. (LRC)(1997) Intern Program Council, Legislative Interstate Banking Committee (LRC)(1987) Investment of State-Owned Funds Study Comn. (2009) Itinerant Merchants (LRC)(1985) Job Training Programs Study Commission (1995)) Job Training Programs Study Commission (1997) Job Training Programs Study Commission (1999) JOBS Study Commission, Jt. Legis. (2009) Jordan Lake Comm. (LRC)(2013) Judicial Consolidation Study Comm. (2011) Judicial Efficiency Comm. (LRC)(2013) Judicial Funding, Jt. Sel. Comm. (2017) Judicial Reform and Redistricting, Jt. Select Comm. (2017) Juvenile Code Committee (LRC)(1993) Juvenile Crime Committee (LRC)(1999) Land & Water Conservation Comn. (2005) Land Development Comm. (LRC)(2013) Land Title Registration Committee (LRC)(1997) Law Enforcement Issues Committee (LRC)(1991) Legislative Complex Decorating Comm. (LRC)(1987) Legislative Ethics And Lobbying (LRC)(1985) Lien Laws Committee (LRC)(1995) Life Care Arrangements (LRC)(1985) Life Cycle Cost Analysis Committee (LRC)(2011) Life Sciences Industry Jobs, Study Comn on (2009) Litter Prevention and Removal Comm. (LRC)(1999) Lobbying and Conflict of Interest Comm (LRC)(1997) Local Government Financing (LRC)(1985) Local Mass Transit Funding Comm. (LRC)(2011) Local School Construction Study Comn. (2003) Local Social Services Issues, Jt Study Comm (2007) Long-Range Transportation Needs Comm.(LRC)(1989) Long-Term Health Care Insurance (LRC)(1985) Lottery Funds for Charter Schools, House (2005) Lottery Oversight Committee Low-Level Radioactive Waste Comm., Jt Select Low-Level Radioactive Waste Committee (LRC)(1987) Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal (LRC)(1985) Managed Care Issues Committee (LRC)(1999) Manufactured Housing Zone (LRC)(1985) Manufacturing Using Stolen IT (LRC)(2011) Marine Fisheries Committee (LRC)(2011) Market Based Health Care Comm. (LRC)(2013) Marriage License Committee (LRC)(1999) Mechanics Lien on Real Property Comm. (LRC)(2011) Mechanics Liens Comm. (LRC)(2013) Medicaid Committee (LRC)(1993) Medicaid Reform Commission (2003) Medical Malpractice Committee (LRC)(1997) Medical Malpractice, House Task Force (2003) Mental Health DD, SAS, Jt Leg Oversight Committee Mental Health DD, SAS, Legislative Study Comn. Mental Health Parity Committee (LRC)(1999) Mental Health Services Subcomm. (2011) Mental Patient Commitments (LRC)(1985) Methamphetamine Abuse, Leg. Comn. on [REPEALED] Metropolitan Sewerage/Water Comm. (LRC)(2011) Military & Veterans' Affairs, Jt Study Comm (2007) Military Affairs, Jt Select Committee (2003) Military Code For National Guard Comm. (LRC)(1987) Minority At-Risk Student Achievement (1999) Minority Males Committee (LRC)(1993) Modern Family Committee (LRC)(1987) Mortgage Bankers Loans Committee (LRC)(1997) Motor Vehicle Towing and Storage Comm. (LRC)(1991) Motorcycle Safety House Study Comm. (2001) Mountain Area Study Committee (LRC)(1993) Municipal Annexation Jt. Leg. Study Comn. (2007) Municipal Incorporations (LRC)(1985) Municipal Power Agency Relief Comm. (LRC)(2011) Municipal Service Districts Comm. (LRC)(2015) Municipalities Annexation Committee (LRC)(1997) Mutual Burial Association Committee (LRC)(1999) National Guard Pension Study Comn (2007) Naturopathic Licensing, Jt Study Comm. (2003) Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund, Study Comm. (2017) New Licensing Boards, Leg Comm. on Nondepository Trust Companies Comm. (LRC)(1999) Occupational Musculoskeletal Disorders Comm (1999) Offshore Energy Advisory Subcomm. (LRC)(2009) Offshore Energy Exploration Study Committee (2009) On-Line Voting Commission (2001) On-Site Wastewater Task Force Open Meetings and Public Records Comm. (LRC)(1997) Optional Retirement Program Study Comm.. (2001) Oregon Inlet Stabilization Study Commission (1997) Osteoporosis Prevention Task Force Outdoor Advertising (LRC)(1985) Partition Sales Study Committee (2007) Partnership for Quality Growth Comm. (LRC)(1993) Pathological Materials Committee (LRC)(2011) Pedestrian Ferry Services Committee (LRC)(1999) Permanency Innovation Initiative Oversight Comm.[REPEALED] Personalized License Plate Committee (LRC)(1989) Personnel Issues Committee (LRC)(1995) Pest Control Committee (LRC)(1987) Physical Fitness Among Youth Comm. (LRC)(1991) Physical Fitness Among Youth Committee (LRC)(1993) Ports Authority Committee (LRC)(1987) Ports Authority Study Committee (LRC)(1989) Poverty Reduction Leg Study Comn (2007) Predatory Lending Committee (LRC)(1999) Prescription Drug Abuse, Legis Task Force (2009) Prescription Drug Study Commission (1999) Pretrial Release Committee (LRC)(2011) Preventative Medicine (LRC)(1985) Prison Inmates Use Committee (LRC)(1991) Prison Maintenance Committee (LRC)(2011) Private Process Servers Comm. (LRC)(2017) Procurement Contracts Minorities Comm. (LRC)(1989) Program Evaluation Oversight Comm., Jt. Leg. Property Amortization Comm. (LRC)(1991) Property Insurance Rate Making Comm. (LRC)(2011) Property Issues Committee (LRC)(1995) Property Owner Rights Comm. (LRC)(2013) Property Tax Study Commission (2001) Property Tax Subcommittee Proprietary Schools Licensure Comm. (LRC)(1999) Proprietary Schools Study Committee (LRC)(1989) Public Assistance Commission Joint Legislative Public Employee Benefits Committee (LRC)(1989) Public Employees Personnel Committee (LRC)(1993) Public Employees Retirement Committee (LRC)(1993) Public Enterprise Comm. (LRC)(2013) Public Funding of Council of State Elections (2009) Public Health Study Commission Public Instruction Budget, Leg. Study Comn. (2005) Public Lands Access Comm. (LRC)(2015) Public Private Partnerships, Leg Study Comn (2009) Public School Calendar (LRC)(1985) Public School Funding Formulas, JtLeg Study (2007) Public Schools Study Commission (1997) Public Transit Committee (LRC)(1997) Public Transportation Financing Study (LRC)(1989) Purchase and Contract Study Comm. (2013) Racial, Ethnic, and Faith Relations Comm. (2001) Railroad Committee (LRC)(1989) Railroads And Public Transportation C. (LRC)(1991) Railroads Study Commission (2009) Rates and Transfers/Public Enterprises Study Comm. (LRC)(2017) Reclaimed Water Issues Committee (LRC)(2011) Recovery of Costs in Civil Cases, House (2005) Redistricting Senate Select Committee (1995) Regional Economic Development Comns Study (2001) Regulatory Reform, Jt. Committee (2011) Removal of Deceased’s Property Comm. (LRC)(2011) Rental Referral Agencies (LRC)(1985) Reorganization of DHR Study Commission (1995) Resolution of Conflicts Committee (LRC)(1999) Rest Homes Committee (LRC)(1989) Retirement Benefits Comm. (LRC)(2011) Retitling of Manufactured Homes Comm. (LRC)(2011) Revenue and Tax Issues Committee (LRC)(1995) Revenue Law Committee (LRC)(1985) Revenue Laws Committee (LRC)(1991) Revenue Laws Committee (LRC)(1993) Revenue Laws Corporate Taxation Comm. (LRC)(1987) Revenue Laws Study Committee (LRC)(1989) Rights Of Victims Of Crime Committee (LRC)(1991) Safe Neighborhoods, House Study Comm. (2005) Safe Roads Act Committee (LRC)(1987) Sale of Structured Settlements Comm. (LRC)(1999) Satellite-Based Monitoring Committee (LRC)(2019) Savings Reserve Account Comm. (LRC)(2015) School Capital Construction Study Comm. (1995) School Finance Act (LRC)(1985) School Year Length Study Comn. (2011) School-Based Administrator Pay, Jt Study Comm. Seafood and Aquaculture, Jt Leg Commission Securities Fraud Laws Study Commission (2001) Sentencing Reforms for Opioid Drug Convictions (2017) Sex Offender Registration, Jt. Leg. Study (2005) Sex Predators, Jt Leg Study on Commitment (2007) Small Business Credit/Capital Access Comm. (LRC)(2015) Small Business Economic Dev, Jt Select Comm (2003) Small Business Retirement Options, Jt. Leg. Study Comm. (2019) Small Family Farm Commission (1997) Small Family Farm Preservation Comm. (LRC)(1999) Smart Growth Commission (1999) Smart Start Funding Study Commission (2003) Smart Start Funding Study Comn. (2005) Solid and Infectious Waste Committee (LRC)(1989) Solid Waste Control and Disposal Comm. (LRC)(1991) Special Education in Group Homes Comm. (LRC)(1999) Sports Law Committee (LRC)(1987) State and Local Fiscal Relations Study (1995) State Bar Review Committee State Capital Assets Committee (LRC)(1989) State Construction Inspections, Leg. Study (2005) State Construction Study Committee (LRC)(1997) State Disability Income Plan Study Comn. (2001) State Disability Income Plan, Study Comn. (2005) State Disability Plan Study Commission (2003) State Disability Plan, Senate Study Comm. (2005) State Employee Compensation Committee (LRC)(1999) State Employees Grievances Committee (LRC)(1999) State Government Construction Comm. (LRC)(1999) State Government Reorganization Comm. (LRC)(1995) State Government Services Comm. (LRC)(1997) State Health Plan Blue Ribbon Task Force State Infrastructure Needs (LRC)(1985) State Parks And Recreation Areas Comm. (LRC)(1991) State Parks and Recreation Areas Comm. (LRC)(1993) State Payment in Lieu of Taxes Study Comn. (2013) State Personnel Act, Leg. Study Comn. on (2005) State Personnel Statutes, Lg Study Comn. (2003) State Personnel System (LRC)(1985) State Personnel, House Study Comm. (2005) State Publications Committee (LRC)(1987) State Purchasing Committee (LRC)(1993) State Purchasing Committee (LRC)(1995) State Tort Liability Committee (LRC)(1999) State-Owned Submerged Lands Committee (1995) Statewide Benefit Committee Study Comn. (2003) Statewide Comprehensive Planning Comm. (LRC)(1991) Storm Hazard and Wastewater Comm (LRC)(1997) Storm-Related River Debris/Damage, Jt. Select Comm. (2017) Stun Guns (LRC)(1985) Substance Abuse Aftercare Comm. (LRC)(1997) Superintendent of Inst. and Bd of Education(1985) Superior Court Judges Committee (LRC)(1987) Surface Water Quality Committee (LRC)(1989) Tax Policy Commission (1999) Tax Policy Commission (2001) Tax Rate On Insurance Companies (LRC)(1985) Teachers State Employees Retirement Comn. (2001) Telephone Solicitation Committee (LRC)(1999) Tobacco Warehouse Committee (LRC)(1993) Tornado Damage Response, Jt. Sel. Comm. (2011) Tourism Growth Committee (LRC)(1987) Tourism's Growth and Effect Committee (LRC)(1989) Transitions to Community Living (2011) Transportation Department Study Comm. (LRC)(1985) Transportation Finance Committee (LRC)(1999) Traumatic Brain Injury Subcommittee Treasurer Investment Comm. (LRC)(2013) Tribe Eligibility for Grants, Study (LRC)(2017) Unbanked Consumers, House Study Comm (2007) UNC Board Appointment Process Comm. (LRC)(1993) UNC Board of Governors Study Commission (2001) UNC Board of Governors Study Commission (2003) UNC Board of Governors Study Comn. (2005) UNC Board of Governors, Joint Select Comm. (2003) Underage Drinking Study Commission (2001) Underground Storage Tanks Committee (LRC)(1987) Underground Storage Tanks Hazards (LRC)(1985) Uniform System Of Voting Machines (LRC)(1985) Unmanned Aircraft Comm. (LRC)(2013) Unruly Students Committee (LRC)(1987) Unvented Gas Heater Committee (LRC)(1999) Urban Growth Issues, Leg Study Comn (2007) Urban Transportation Needs Study Commission (2003) Used Tire & Waste Oil Disposal (LRC)(1985) Utility Review Committee, Joint Legislative Veterans Cemetery Study (LRC)(1985) Video Gaming Law Comm. (LRC)(1999) Virginia-NC High-Speed Rail Comn. (2001/2003) Vocational Technical Education Task Force (1993) Voter Participation Committee (LRC)(1991) Voting Procedures Committee (2001) Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Study Comm (2009) Water Issues Committee (LRC)(1991) Water Issues Committee (LRC)(1995) Water Issues Study Committee (LRC)(1993) Water Projects Funds (LRC)(2013) Water Supply Reservoirs Committee (LRC)(1987) Watercraft Safety Committee (LRC)(1997) Waterfront Access Study Committee (2005) Watershed Protection Committee (LRC)(1987) Wetland and Stream Mitigation (LRC)(2011) Wetlands Mitigation Comm. (LRC)(2013) Wilmington Race Riot Commission Wilmington Race Riot Study Comm., Jt. 1898 (2005) Work and Family Balance, Jt Sel Committee (2009) Worker Retraining Study Comn (2003) Worker Training Trust Fund Committee (LRC)(1989) Worker Training Trust Fund Committee (LRC)(1991) Workers' Compensation Benefits, Study Comm. (2005) Workers' Compensation Committee (LRC)(1995) Workers' Compensation For Farm Labor (LRC)(1991) Workers’ Compensation Compliance, Jt. Leg. Comm. (2011) Workforce Development Oversight Comm., Jt. Leg. Workforce Needs, Jt Select Committee (2003) Youth Accountability Planning Task Force (2009) Youth Mental Health Services Committee (LRC)(2011) Zoological Park Funding Study Committee (2007) Zoological Park Funding Study Committee (2009)
Homeland Security, Military and Veterans Affairs (2007) House Aging (2017) House Agriculture (2017) House Agriculture 2019 House Alcoholic Beverage Control (2017) House Alcoholic Beverage Control 2019 House Banking (2017) House Banking 2019 House Commerce 2019 House Commerce and Job Development (2013) House Commerce and Job Development (2017) House Commerce and Job Development Subcommittee on Military and Agriculture (2013) House Commerce, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship (2009) House Education - Community Colleges (2017) House Education - K-12 2019 House Education - Universities (2017) House Education - Universities 2019 House Elections (2011) House Elections (2013) House Elections and Ethics Law (2017) House Elections and Ethics Law (2017) House Elections and Ethics Law 2019 House Energy and Public Utilities (2017) House Energy and Public Utilities 2019 House Environment (2017) House Environment 2013 House Environment 2017 House Environment 2019 House Ethics (2017) House Finance 2011 House Finance 2013 House Finance 2015 House Finance 2017 House Finance 2019 House Health 2019 House Health Care Reform (2017) House Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs (2013) House Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs (2015) House Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs (2017) House Homelessness, Foster Care, and Dependency (2017) House Insurance (2017) House Judiciary 2019 House Judiciary 4 House Judiciary I (2017) House Judiciary I (2017) House Judiciary II (2017) House Judiciary III (2017) House Judiciary IV (2015) House Judiciary IV (2017) House Pensions and Retirement (2017) House Pensions and Retirement 2019 House Public Utilities (2015) House Redistricting 2019 House Regulatory Reform (2017) House Regulatory Reform Committee 2019 House Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House 2019 House Science and Technology (2009) House Science and Technology - 2005 House Select Committee on a Comprehensive Rail Service Plan for North Carolina (2009) House Select Committee on Administrative Procedure Laws (2017) House Select Committee on Advancing Women in STEM House Select Committee on Agricultural Regulations (2011) House Select Committee on An Education System for North Carolina's Future House Select Committee on Banking and Loan Origination Fee Reform (2017) House Select Committee on Community Relations, Law Enforcement and Justice 2019 House Select Committee on COVID-19 2019 House Select Committee on Disaster Relief (2017) House Select Committee on E-Procurement (2011) House Select Committee on Economic Recovery (2009) House Select Committee on Education Reform (2011) House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Alternative Fuel (2011) House Select Committee on Ethics and Governmental Reform (2005) House Select Committee on Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (2011) House Select Committee on High Speed Internet Access in Rural and Urban Areas (2009) House Select Committee on Homeowners Associations (2009) House Select Committee on Homeowners Associations (2011) House Select Committee on Implementation of Building Code Regulatory Reform (2017) House Select Committee on Judicial Redistricting 2017 House Select Committee on Legacy Costs from the State Health Plan, Pensions and ESC (2011) House Select Committee on Methamphetamine Abuse (2011) House Select Committee on North Carolina River Quality (2017) House Select Committee on Public-Private Partnerships (2011) House Select Committee on Redistricting 2019 House Select Committee on Residential Planning and Permitting 2019 House Select Committee on School Safety (2017) House Select Committee on School Safety 2019 House Select Committee on State-Owned Assets (2011) House Select Committee on Strategic Transportation Planning and Long Term Funding Solutions (2015) House Select Committee on Strategic Transportation Planning and Long Term Funding Solutions 2019 House Select Committee on Televising House Sessions (2009) House Select Committee on the Education of Students with Disabilities (2005) House Select Committee on the Regulatory Authority and Operations of the NC Wildife Resources Commission (2013) House Select Committee on the States Role in Immigration Policy (2011) House Select Committee on the Use of 911 Funds (2009) House Select Committee on Unemployment Fraud Task Force (2011) House Select Committee to Investigate the Handling of the CTS Contamination Site in Buncombe County (2011) House State and Local Government 2019 House State and Local Government I (2017) House State and Local Government II (2017) House State Personnel (2017) House Transportation (2011) House Transportation (2017) House Transportation 2019 House University Board of Governors Nominating (2017) House Water Resources and Infrastructure (2009) House Ways and Means/Broadband Connectivity (2009) House Wildlife Resources (2017) House Wildlife Resources 2019 Regulatory Reform (2013) Rules and Operations of the Senate (2017) Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House (2017) Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House (2017) Sel. Comm. to Investigate Alleged Misconduct/Other Matters Included in Indictments Re: Rep Wright (2007) Select Committee on Achievement School Districts (2015) Select Committee on Certificate of Need Process and Related Hospital Issues (2011) Select Committee on Childhood Obesity (2011) Select Committee on Early Childhood Education Improvement (2011) Select Committee on Education Strategy and Practices (2015) Select Committee on Emergency Preparedness and Response (2011) Select Committee on Energy, Science and Technology (2009) Select Committee on Step Therapy (2015) Select Committee on the Use of Off-Road Vehicles on Cape Lookout National Seashore (2013) Select Committee on Wildlife Resources (2015) Senate Agriculture / Environment / Natural Resources (2013) Senate Agriculture / Environment / Natural Resources (2015) Senate Agriculture / Environment / Natural Resources 2019 Senate Appropriations on Pensions, Compensation, and Benefits (2017) Senate Commerce (2011) Senate Commerce (2015) Senate Commerce and Insurance 2019 Senate Finance 2011 Senate Information Technology (2015) Senate Judiciary (2017) Senate Judiciary 2019 Senate Judiciary I (2011) Senate Judiciary I (2013) Senate Judiciary I (2015) Senate Judiciary II (2013) Senate Judiciary II (2015) Senate Pensions and Retirement and Aging (2017) Senate Pensions and Retirement and Aging 2019 Senate Program Evaluation (2011) Senate Redistricting 2015 Senate Redistricting 2017 Senate Redistricting and Elections 2019 Senate Select Committee on Economic Recovery (2009) Senate Select Committee on Judicial Reform and Redistricting 2017 Senate Select Committee on Nominations (2017) Senate Select Committee on North Carolina River Water Quality (2017) Senate Select Committee on Prison Safety Senate Select Committee on Prison Safety (2019) Senate Select Committee on Storm Related River Debris and Damage in North Carolina Senate Transportation 2019 Senate Workforce and Economic Development (2015)

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