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Fix Our Democracy.
Fix Our Democracy.
Reenact Nonpartisan Judicial Elections/Fund.
Revise Local Gov't Redistricting/Census.
Rutherford College/Bd. of Ed. Burke/Caldwell.
Safeguarding Voting Rights.
Elections Certainty Act.
2021 Appropriations Act.
Whiz Kids/Slow Pokes Voter Registration.
Election Day Integrity Act.
Voters Right to Know Act.
Even-Year Elect Craven Local Gov'ts.
Alternate Observers at Voting Places.
Winston-Salem/Forsyth and Wake Bds. of Ed.
Nonpartisan Boards of Education Statewide.
Vacancies in Durham/Cary 2021 Elections.
JOBS Grants and Tax Relief.
Automatic and Online Voter Registration.
Flexibility in Filling Vacancies/Durham.
2021 Revenue Laws Changes.
Automatic Voter Registration.
State/Local Tax Parity.
Lincoln Co. Bd. of Ed./Partisan Election.
Lincoln Co. Bd. of Ed./Partisan Election.
Standard Deduction; Late Penalties; SALT Cap.
Governor's Bond Proposal.
2021 Governor's Budget.
Invest NC Bond Act of 2021.
2021 Governor's Budget.
Small Business Truth in Financing.
Redistricting Criteria for 2021.
Redistricting Criteria for 2021.
Caldwell County Bd. of Ed/Partisan Election.
Various Local Act Changes.
City of Randleman Charter Consolidation.
Senate BOG Elections.
Charlotte Firefighters' Retirement System Act.
Alexander Co. Bd. of Ed./Partisan Election.
Asheville City Sch. Bd. Elections.
Expand Access to Voter ID & Voting.
Mount Airy/Even-Year Elections.
Peoples' Choice for Marine Sources.
Vacancies/Rowland & Mayor's Term/Red Springs.
Cleveland Cty Bd of Ed Vacancies.
Address False Campaign Claims.
No Soliciting Certain Funds/Elections Boards.
Modify Process/Council of State Vacancies.
Penalty/Election Law Violation/Board Meetings.
Federal Authority Regarding Elections.
Delay CMS Board Elections/Census Delay.
Gaston County Public Notices.
Delay CMS Board Elections/Census Delay.
Vacancies/Rowland & Mayor's Term/Red Springs.
Rowland Charter Amend/Vacancies.
Eastern Counties/Public Notices.
Various County Public Notices.
Establish Two At-Large Seats/W-S City Council.
Clean Up Obsolete Boards.
Qualifications for Sheriff/Expunction.
Local Option Sales Tax Flexibility.
Term Limits for Legislators.
Restrict Local Sales Tax/School Construction.
Local Option Sales Tax Flexibility.
Remove Foreign Citizens from Voting Rolls.
Make Election Day A State Holiday.
Indian Trail/Stallings Occupancy Tax Auth.
Reorganize Judicial Districts 30/30A/30B.
Qualifications for Sheriff/Expunction.
Local Option Sales Tax/School Construction.
Asheville Local Option Sales Tax for Transit.
Agricultural Manufacturing Tax Incentive.
GSC Trusts & Estates Amendments.
Local Gov Commission Assistance Toolkit.
Modify Process/Appellate Court Vacancies.
BOG/Bd of Trustee Appt. Changes.
Realigning Emergency Checks and Balances.
NC Paid Family Leave Insurance Act.
Taxpayer Bill of Rights.
Executive Order/Limitations.
NC Paid Family Leave Insurance Act.
Certain Prohibitions/Working/Voting Process.
Fair Maps Act.
Independent Redistricting Process.
Ricky's Law/Political Sign Placement.
Senate Permanent Rules - 2021.
Public Nondiscrimination Amendment.
Re-Stagger Terms/Aldermen/N.Topsail Beach.
2021 House Permanent Rules.
Justice/Judge May Complete Term Past Age 72.
Abolish Office of County Coroner.
Craven Bd of Ed/Partisan Electoral Districts.
Social Media Impartiality Act.
Taxpayer Protection Act.
Up Volunteer Firefighters' Retirement Benefit.
Amend NC Const./Right to Work.
Rent My Ride.
Reinstate Merchant's Discount.
Eminent Domain.
Const. Amendment/Repeal Literacy Test.
Eminent Domain.
Pineville Local Option Sales Tax.
Const. Amend./Concealed Carry.
Const. Amend./Life at Fertilization.
Volunteer Fire Department Preservation Act.
House Temporary Rules.
Honor Melanie Wade Goodwin, Former Member.
Modernize Energy Generation.
Joint Municipal Power Agencies/Investments.
North Carolina Work and Save.
Reenact Qualified Business Venture Credit.
Donor Privacy.
Modernize ABC Controls.
Construction Contract Changes.
Clarify Motor Vehicle Franchise Laws.
Unemployment Insurance Study.
Clarify Motor Vehicle Franchise Laws.
Uniformed Heroes Voting Act.
Planning & Zoning-DOT/Performance Guarantees.
Captive Insurance Amendments.
Common Carrier ABC Permit.
Spec. Sep. Allowance/Certain 25-Yr LEOs.
Clarify Motor Vehicle Franchise Laws.
Reference Pricing for Rx Drugs.
Criminal Justice Equity Act of 2021.
Timeshare Act Changes.
Strengthen Child Fatality Prevention System.
Equity in Justice Act of 2021.
North Carolina Venture Fund.
Study Automation and the Workforce.
Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.
Consumer Privacy Act.
ACC Basketball Tournament Holiday.
Modify Business Corporation Act.
Stop Social Media Censorship Act.
Reform Courts and Jails.
Compact to Award Prizes for Curing Diseases.
UNC BOG/Legislative Members.
Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.
CJIN Changes.
Protect Voting Systems/Foreign Interference.
Extend Mayor's Term to 4 Yrs./Carolina Shores.
Burden of Proof-Challenge to Candidacy.
Judicial District 19D - Hoke County.