S201 - Various Motor Vehicle and Transportation Law Changes. (SL 2022-68)
Session Year 2022
Overview: S.L. 2022-68 makes the following changes to motor vehicle and transportation laws:

  • Criminalizes as a Class I felony the unlawful possession of a catalytic converter.
  • Extends the revocation effective date for permits or licenses that were revoked due to Driving Eligibility Certificate ineligibility from 10 to 30 days after mailing of the revocation notice.
  • Authorizes the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to issue three new special registration plates and repeals authorization to issue one existing special registration plate.
  • Requires the DMV to provide a dealer license plate registration card to motor vehicle dealers that lists all valid dealer license plates issued to the dealer.
  • Clarifies requirements for displaying a dealer license plate on a motor vehicle.
  • Clarifies the applicability of the Move Over Law.
  • Amends requirements for temporary dealer licenses issued during a pending license renewal application.
  • Makes it an infraction with up to a $50 penalty for a motor vehicle dealer to fail to inspect a used motor vehicle offered for retail sale as required by law.
  • Amends requirements for registration and certificate of title applications for motor vehicles owned by firms, partnerships, corporations, or other entities.
  • Authorizes the DMV to charge a fee to authorized individuals to verify registration or liability insurance information from motor vehicle and drivers license records.
  • Exempts motor vehicles used by State agencies for research pilot or demonstration projects from highway use tax, certificate of title fees, and registration fees.
  • Expands the application of certain Department of Transportation (DOT) contracting laws to rail equipment.
  • Specifies the treatment of certain federal funds within the Transportation Investment Strategy (STI) formula.
  • Provides for a delay in STI reprioritization for certain projects with route redesignations.
  • Clarifies the treatment of net proceeds from the disposition of lands that involve DOT.
  • Expands the application of the State's policy to encourage and promote participation by disadvantaged minority-owned and women-owned businesses in contracts let by DOT.
  • Directs DOT to increase Small Professional Services Firm contracting.
  • Increases the project cost cap for previously authorized project delivery method pilot program.

This act became effective July 8, 2022, except as otherwise specified for certain sections. Please see full summary for more detail.

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