H103 - 2022 Appropriations Act. (SL 2022-74)
Session Year 2022
Overview: Section 9K.4 of S.L. 2022-74 amends the statutory definition (G.S. 90-85.27(3a)) of an interchangeable biological product to clarify that interchangeability must meet the standards established in federal law (42 U.S.C. ยง 262(k)(4)). The section also reenacts and amends a previously expired subsection to require a pharmacist or designee to notify the prescriber of the name and manufacturer of a biological product dispensed to a patient. This notification must happen within five business days of dispensing and be communicated through an electronically accessible record system available to the prescriber of the biological product requiring a prescription.

This section becomes effective October 1, 2022, and applies to the dispensing of biological products requiring a prescription on or after that date.

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