Bill Summaries and Explanatory Memos for HB 103 - 2022 Appropriations Act.

2021-2022 Session

Summary SortKey Description Last Updated
H103-SMBB-59(sl)-v-8 000005 .000006 Sec. 5.6: Home Appliance Service Agreement Modification 09/07/2022
H103-SMBC-246(sl)-v-9 000009B.000001 Sec. 9B.1: Detailed Plan for Reorganizing Certain Child and Family Well Being Programs 08/11/2022
H103-SMBC-247(sl)-v-5 000009B.000002 Sec. 9B.2: Redirection of Funds from Atrium Health to Cleveland County for Development of a Health Center 08/30/2022
H103-SMBC-248(sl)-v-7 000009B.000003 Sec. 9B.3: Further Study of the Statewide Health Information Exchange Network and the Statewide Health Information Exchange Act; and Temporary Suspension of the Health Information Exchange Act Provision Conditioning the Receipt of State Funds on Connecting to and Submitting Data to the Health Information Exchange Network 08/30/2022
H103-SMBC-249(sl)-v-6 000009C.000003 Sec. 9C.3: Align State Criminal Background Checks for Prospective Child Care Providers with Federal Block Grant Requirements/Report 08/30/2022
H103-SMBC-250(sl)-v-4 000009I.000003 Sec. 9I.3: Additional Child Advocacy Center Funds 08/12/2022
H103-SMBC-251(sl)-v-5 000009E.000001 Sec. 9E.1: Hiring of Health Care Personnel by Nursing Facilities to Perform Nurse Aide Duties 08/12/2022
H103-SMBC-252(sl)-v-5 000009E.000002 Sec. 9E.2: Emergency Flexibilities for Certain Facilities and Services Regulated by the Division of Health Service Regulation 08/12/2022
H103-SMBC-253(sl)-v-7 000009F.000001 Sec. 9F.1: Use of Opioid Settlement Funds 08/30/2022
H103-SMBC-254(sl)-v-9 000009G.000008 Sec. 9G.8: Modifications to Quarantine and Isolation Authority 08/30/2022
H103-SMBC-255(sl)-v-5 000009G.000009 Sec. 9G.9: Flexibilities for Reaccreditation/Recertification of Asbestos Management and Lead Abatement Professionals 08/30/2022
H103-SMBC-256(sl)-v-6 000009G.000010 Sec. 9G.10: Funds for Pregnancy Centers 08/30/2022
H103-SMBD-99(sl)-v-5 000020 .000004 Sec. 20.4: Remove Covenants From Department of Administration Property Sale to Lumbee Tribal Administration/Repeal Lumbee Tribe Trust Fund 08/24/2022
H103-SMBE-122(sl)-v-5 000007 .000013 Sec. 7.13: Virtual Education, Remote Academies, and Virtual Charter School Education 09/07/2022
H103-SMBE-126(sl)-v-4 000006 .000001 Sec. 6.1: Expand RISE Up Training and Credentialing Program 08/11/2022
H103-SMBE-127(sl)-v-2 000007 .000010 Sec. 7.10: Codify the Feminine Hygiene Products Grant Program 08/11/2022
H103-SMBE-128(sl)-v-2 000008 .000004 Sec. 8.4: UNC and ECU Dental School Clinical Operations Personnel Flexibility 08/11/2022
H103-SMBE-129(sl)-v-2 000008A.000004 Sec. 8A.4: Early Admission to Kindergarten for Students Participating in North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority K-12 Scholarship Programs 08/11/2022
H103-SMBE-130(sl)-v-2 000008A.000008 Sec. 8A.8: Report on and Suspend Certain Program Evaluation Requirements for Opportunity Scholarships 08/11/2022
H103-SMBG-84(sl)-v-4 000019E.000001 Sec. 19E.1: 211 System Collaboration 08/12/2022
H103-SMBN-73(sl)-v-3 000007 .000007 Sec. 7.7: Standards of Student Conduct 08/11/2022
H103-SMBN-74(sl)-v-5 000008 .000003 Sec. 8.3: Recommendations on Increasing Nursing Graduates 09/07/2022
H103-SMBN-75(sl)-v-2 000008A.000003 Sec. 8A.3: Temporarily Waive Compliance with Certain Selective Service Requirements and Report 08/11/2022
H103-SMBN-76(sl)-v-2 000008A.000007 Sec. 8A.7: Revise Washington Center Internship Scholarship Program 08/11/2022
H103-SMBP-113(sl)-v-7 000009C.000001 Sec. 9C.1: Raise NC Pre-K Base Reimbursement Rates 08/30/2022
H103-SMBP-114(sl)-v-7 000009C.000002 Sec. 9C.2: Raise Cap on Administrative Costs/Smart Start 08/30/2022
H103-SMBP-115(sl)-v-5 000009F.000002 Sec. 9F.2: Prescription Digital Therapeutics Pilot Program for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment 08/30/2022
H103-SMBP-116(sl)-v-5 000009G.000001 Sec. 9G.1: Funds for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to Increase the Transportation Rate for Death Investigations and Autopsies and to Increase the Number of Forensic Pathologist Positions 08/12/2022
H103-SMBP-117(sl)-v-7 000009G.000002 Sec. 9G.2: Change in Composition of Maternal Mortality Review Committee 08/30/2022
H103-SMBP-118(sl)-v-5 000009G.000003 Sec. 9G.3: Use of Juul Settlement Funds 08/10/2022
H103-SMBP-119(sl)-v-4 000009G.000004 Sec. 9G.4: Filing of Death Certificates 08/30/2022
H103-SMBP-120(sl)-v-5 000009G.000005 Sec. 9G.5: Extension of Terms of NC Rare Disease Advisory Council Members and Expansion of Council Membership 08/30/2022
H103-SMBP-121(sl)-v-3 000009G.000006 Sec. 9G.6: Expanded Access to Client-Specific Information Contained in the North Carolina Immunization Registry 08/30/2022
H103-SMBP-122(sl)-v-3 000009G.000007 Sec. 9G.7: Authorization for State Health Director to Issue Statewide Standing Orders to Facilitate the Administration of COVID-19 Vaccinations, Diagnostic Tests, or Other Treatments 08/12/2022
H103-SMBR-150(sl)-v-4 000005 .000007 Sec. 5.7: Authorize Sanitary Districts to Create, Maintain, and Operate Parks and Recreation Programs and Facilities 08/11/2022
H103-SMBR-151(sl)-v-2 000012 .000007 Sec. 12.7: Express Stormwater Permit Application Processing 08/12/2022
H103-SMBR-152(sl)-v-5 000015 .000001 Sec. 15.1: Chronic Wasting Disease Report 08/11/2022
H103-SMBW-96(sl)-v-6 000011 .000011 Sec. 11.11: Megasite Readiness Program 09/07/2022
H103-SMCC-53(sl)-v-4 000012 .000001 Sec. 12.1: Amend Shallow Draft Navigation Channel Dredging and Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Funds 08/12/2022
H103-SMCC-54(sl)-v-4 000015 .000003 Sec. 15.3: Hunting/Fishing/Boating Contract License Vendors 08/11/2022
H103-SMCC-56(sl)-v-4 000023 .000001 Sec. 23.1: OSBM/Report to Oversight Committee on New Positions 08/16/2022
H103-SMCH-6(CSCH-5)-v-5 Automatic Renewal of Contracts. 03/24/2021
H103-SMCH-97(sl)-v-6 000021 .000001 Sec. 21.1: Office of Administrative Hearings Staffing Flexibility 08/12/2022
H103-SMCI-3(sl)-v-7 000016 .000005 Sec. 16.5: Add Magistrates to Various Counties 08/11/2022
H103-SMCI-5(sl)-v-10 000016 .000007 Sec. 16.7: Increase Former Law Enforcement Officer Witness Pay 08/11/2022
H103-SMCJ-3(sl)-v-5 000016 .000006 Sec. 16.6: Add Assistant District Attorneys to Various Counties 08/11/2022
H103-SMCJ-4(sl)-v-8 000017 .000001 Sec. 17.1: Public Defender Districts 2 and 5 08/11/2022
H103-SMCJ-5(sl)-v-9 000017 .000002 Sec. 17.2: Extend Setoff Debt Collection Act Notice Requirements for Indigent Defense Services 08/24/2022
H103-SMRI-90(sl)-v-8 000038 .000002 Sec. 38.2: Expand GREAT for Wireless Broadband. 08/12/2022
H103-SMRN-106(sl)-v-6 000013 .000001 Sec. 13.1: Occupational Health and Safety Division Issuance of Citations 08/12/2022
H103-SMRN-109(sl)-v-4 000019 .000000C.000001 Sec. 19.C.1: Make Prison Wardens Exempt Employees 08/12/2022
H103-SMRQ-124(sl)-v-6 000007 .000002 Sec. 7.2: Increase School Resource Officer Grant Match in Low-Wealth Counties 09/07/2022
H103-SMRQ-125(sl)-v-4 000007 .000011 Sec. 7.11: Interoperable and Interconnected Study Data System Study 09/07/2022
H103-SMRQ-126(sl)-v-2 000008A.000001 Sec. 8A.1: Increase Funding and Eligibility Threshold for Opportunity Scholarships and Funding for Personal Education Student Accounts 09/07/2022
H103-SMRQ-127(sl)-v-3 000008A.000005 Sec. 8A.5: Changes to NCSEAA's Administration of the Opportunity Scholarship Program 09/07/2022
H103-SMSA-95(sl)-v-3 000019C.000002 Sec. 19C.2: Requires Persons on Post-Release Supervision to Receive Credit for Compliance with Certain Reintegrative Conditions 08/12/2022
H103-SMSH-150(sl)-v-4 000039 .000020 Sec. 39.20: Increase One-Time COLA Supplement for TSERS, CJRS, LRS Retirees 08/11/2022
H103-SMSH-151(sl)-v-3 000013 .000002 Sec. 13.2: OSH Penalty Modifications 08/12/2022
H103-SMSH-152(sl)-v-9 000009I.000001 Sec. 9I.1: Low Income Energy Assistance Program/Allow Flexibility When Additional Funds Available 08/30/2022
H103-SMSH-153(sl)-v-4 000009I.000002 Sec. 9I.2: Increase Foster Care Administrative Rate with Existing Funds 08/30/2022
H103-SMSH-154(sl)-v-4 000009I.000004 Sec. 9I.4: Extend Time for Food and Nutrition Services Appeals Decisions 08/12/2022
H103-SMSH-155(sl)-v-10 000009K.000002 Sec. 9K.2: Clarify Treatment of Pregnant Female Inmates 08/30/2022
H103-SMSH-156(sl)-v-7 000009K.000001 Sec. 9K.1: Expand the Rights of Appeal Pursuant to Inspections of Local Confinement Facilities 08/30/2022
H103-SMSH-157(sl)-v-14 000009K.000003 Sec. 9K.3: Temporary Authorization of Behavior Analysts to Practice Without Supervision 09/12/2022
H103-SMSH-158(sl)-v-5 000009K.000004 Sec. 9K.4: Interchangeable Biological Product Definition Modification and Biological Product Electronic Record Requirement 08/12/2022
H103-SMSH-159(sl)-v-6 000009L.0002(A) Sec. 9L.2(a): Allow Portion of Child Care and Development Block Grant ARPA Funds for Temporary Increase of Child Care Subsidy Rates to 2018 Market Study Rates 08/30/2022
H103-SMSH-160(sl)-v-4 000019D.000002 Sec. 19D.2: Juvenile Justice HIE Network Report 08/30/2022
H103-SMSU-58(sl)-v-5 000041 .000010 Sec. 41.10: Exams for Restricted Instruction Permit 08/11/2022
H103-SMSV-127(sl)-v-6 000042 Part 42: Finance 08/16/2022
H103-SMSV-128(sl)-v-8 000042 .000001 Sec. 42.1: Expand Income Tax Exclusion of Military Retirement Pay to NOAA and U.S. Public Health Service Retirees 08/12/2022
H103-SMSV-129(sl)-v-6 000042 .000002 Sec. 42.2: Sales Tax Exemption for Interstate Air and Ground Couriers 08/12/2022
H103-SMSV-130(sl)-v-3 000042 .000003 Sec. 42.3: Use Sales Tax Revenues for Transportation Needs 08/12/2022
H103-SMSV-131(sl)-v-5 000042 .000004 Sec. 42.4: Quarterly Motor Fuel Tax Refund for Off-Highway Use 08/12/2022
H103-SMTC-173(sl)-v-4 000007 .000009 Sec. 7.9: School Threat Assessment Survey 08/11/2022
H103-SMTC-174(sl)-v-5 000007 .000004 Sec. 7.4: CTE Modernization and Support 08/11/2022
H103-SMTC-175(sl)-v-3 000008A.000006 Sec. 8A.6: Changes to North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority's Administration of Education Savings Accounts 08/11/2022
H103-SMTC-176(sl)-v-3 000008 .000001 Sec. 8.1: Revise University of North Carolina Enrollment Change Documentation Requirements 08/11/2022
H103-SMTC-177(sl)-v-2 000008A.000002 Sec. 8A.2: Limit Tuition Grants for Graduates of North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics and University of North Carolina School of the Arts to Undergraduate Tuition 08/11/2022
H103-SMTG-35(e2)-v-8 Automatic Renewal of Contracts. 04/28/2021
H103-SMTG-38(e2)-v-2 Automatic Renewal of Contracts. 04/27/2021
H103-SMTG-40(e3)-v-2 Automatic Renewal of Contracts. 06/08/2021
H103-SMTG-77(e3)-v-2 Automatic Renewal of Contracts. 06/24/2021
H103-SMTG-86(e3)-v-2 Automatic Renewal of Contracts. 06/29/2021
H103-SMTG-94(e3)-v-2 Automatic Renewal of Contracts. 06/30/2021
H103-SMTM-95(sl)-v-6 000011 .000006 Sec. 11.6: JMAC Program Expansion 08/18/2022
H103-SMTQ-163(sl)-v-3 000019A.000005 Sec. 19A.5: Expand Qualifications for ABC Permitting of Recreation Districts 08/15/2022
H103-SMTR-76(sl)-v-7 000009A.000001 Sec. 9A.1: State-County Special Assistance Program Changes 08/30/2022
H103-SMTR-77(sl)-v-3 000009D.000002 Sec. 9D.2: Modify LME/MCO Intergovernmental Transfers 08/16/2022
H103-SMTR-78(sl)-v-4 000009D.000003 Sec. 9D.3: Medicaid Rates for Personal Care Services and Skilled Nursing 08/30/2022
H103-SMTR-79(sl)-v-2 000009D.000004 Sec. 9D.4: Medicaid Coverage / Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians 08/16/2022
H103-SMTR-80(sl)-v-3 000009D.000005 Sec. 9D.5: Conform to Federal Requirements/ Ending of Public Health Emergency 08/16/2022
H103-SMTR-81(sl)-v-5 000009D.000006 Sec. 9D.6: Use of the Medicaid Transformation Fund for Medicaid Transformation Needs Changes 08/30/2022
H103-SMTR-82(sl)-v-3 000009D.000007 Sec. 9D.7: Adjust Implementation Date for Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Tailored Plans 08/16/2022
H103-SMTR-83(sl)-v-5 000009D.000008 Sec. 9D.8: Clarify Treatment of 340B Drugs / Address Reimbursement for Federally Qualified Health Centers 08/30/2022
H103-SMTR-84(sl)-v-2 000009D.000009 Sec. 9D.9: Adjust Implementation Date for Requiring LME/MCOs to Pay for Behavioral Health Services Provided to Beneficiaries Awaiting Hospital Discharge 08/16/2022
H103-SMTR-85(sl)-v-5 000009D.000010 Sec. 9D.10: Medicaid Hospital Assessment Technical Adjustments 08/30/2022
H103-SMTR-86(sl)-v-2 000009D.000011 Sec. 9D.11: Average Commercial Rate Supplemental and Directed Payment Program / East Carolina University Health Physicians 08/16/2022
H103-SMTR-87(sl)-v-4 000009D.000012 Sec. 9D.12: Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Tailored Plan Per Member Per Month Adjustment Recommendations 08/30/2022
H103-SMTR-88(sl)-v-4 000009D.000013 Sec. 9D.13: Changes Related to Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Tailored Plans Launch 08/30/2022
H103-SMTR-89(sl)-v-3 000009D.000015 Sec. 9D.15: Eliminate NC Health Choice and Move Beneficiaries to Medicaid 08/30/2022