H70 - Delay NC HealthConnex for Certain Providers. (SL 2019-23)
Session Year 2019
Overview: S.L. 2019-23 amends G.S. 90-414.4 to (1) extend the deadline by which providers not mentioned elsewhere in the statute have to connect to the Health Information Exchange (HIE) to June 1, 2020, (2) allow psychiatrists and the State Laboratory of Public Health until June 1, 2021, before they are required to connect, (3) allow State health care facilities until June 1, 2021, until they are required to submit claims data, (4) allow DHHS to extend the connection deadline for providers making a good faith effort to connect to June 1, 2020, (5) allow the Secretary of Health and Human Services to exempt classes of providers from connecting to the HIE through December 31, 2022, and (6) make connection to the HIE voluntary for several types of providers.

This act became effective June 6, 2019

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