S513 - North Carolina Farm Act of 2015, Sec. 11: Allow Shellfish Cultivation Leases in Areas Containing Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SL 2015-263)
Session Year 2015
Overview: Sec. 11 of S.L. 2015-263 directs the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, except as prohibited by federal law, not to exclude any area from shellfish cultivation leases solely on the basis that the area contains submerged aquatic vegetation. However, the policy of the Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District, prohibits shellfish leasing in areas with submerged aquatic vegetation, and this section is not enforceable until the Corps amends its policy.

This section became effective October 1, 2015, and applies to any new shellfish cultivation leases or renewals of existing shellfish cultivation leases issued on or after that date.

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