2017 Summaries of Substantive Legislation
Session Year 2017
The Legislative Analysis Division publishes, by subject area, summaries for the final edition of all substantive legislation of general applicability and certain local legislation having general import. The summaries are prepared by the nonpartisan legislative staff and do not constitute an official statement of legislative intent. Until 30 days after the adjournment of the current year’s session, the summaries are subject to change.
All 2017 Summaries by Subject (docx)
Agriculture and Wildlife
Alcoholic Beverage Control
Children and Families
Civil Law and Procedure
Commercial Law and Consumer Protection
Constitution and Elections
Courts, Justice, and Corrections
Criminal Law and Procedure
Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy
Health and Human Services
Information Technology
Labor and Employment
Local Government
Military, Veterans, and Indian Affairs
Occupational Boards and Licensing
Property, Trusts, and Estates
State Government
Vetoed Legislation
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