Labor and Employment
Session Year 2021
All 2021 summaries for Labor and Employment (docx)
SL 2021-16 H279 - COVID-19 Related Tax Changes/Unemployment Insurance Technical Correction.
SL 2021-180 S105 - 2021 Appropriations Act.: Sec. 9F.19: Exempt Certain Employees of the Division of State Operated Healthcare Facilities from Most Provisions of the NC Human Resources Act.
SL 2021-180 S105 - 2021 Appropriations Act.: Sec. 39.21: One-Time Bonus Payment Program for Eligible Direct Care Workers .
SL 2021-5 S114 - DES COVID Modifications and Technical Changes.
Ratified S116 - Putting North Carolina Back to Work Act.
SL 2021-82 S208 - Labor Law Changes.
SL 2021-151 S228 - Allow Employers to Offer Exclusive Provider Option Benefit Plans.
SL 2021-178 S311 - No Waiting Period Under LGERS/Volunteer Fire Department Fund Grants.
SL 2021-20 S390 - UNC Law Enforcement Recruitment.