S265 - Bond Info Transparency/LGC Toolkit II. (SL 2022-53)
Session Year 2022
Overview: S.L. 2022-53 does the following:

  • Requires units to provide a statement of disclosures that contain the estimated interest costs of the bond issuance, estimated property tax rate changes, if any, needed to service the proposed debt, and a calculation of the two-thirds bonds capacity of the unit for the current fiscal year (Sections 1-4).
  • Requires units to file interim reports with the Local Government Commission (LGC) for events that will or may have a material, adverse effect on the financial health, operations, or internal controls of the unit (Section 5).
  • Limits the amount of debt a unit on the most recently published Unit Assistance List could incur without LGC approval (Section 6).
  • Repeals a provision requiring the State Health Plan to charge interest on late premiums to local governments and charter schools as the provision is not cost-effective to administer (Section 7).
  • Requires notice to the LGC of the creation of any new public authority or unit that is subject to the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act (Section 8).
  • Increases the fidelity bond requirements for finance officers to protect the assets of local governments and public authorities (Section 9). This section becomes effective January 1, 2023.
  • Authorizes charter schools to participate in the State Treasurer's Ancillary Governmental Participant Investment Program (AGPIP) (Section 9.5).

Except as otherwise provided, this act became effective July 7, 2022, and applies to bonds issued under bond orders introduced on or after October 1, 2022, and to contracts entered into on or after October 1, 2022.

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