H103 - 2022 Appropriations Act. (SL 2022-74)

Session Year 2022

Overview: Section 12.1 of S.L. 2022-74 does the following:

  • Clarifies that grant eligibility under the Shallow Draft Navigation Channel Dredging and Aquatic Weed Fund (Shallow Draft Fund) and the Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund is limited to nonfederal costs of projects sponsored by units of local government, except with respect to aquatic weed control projects.
  • Eases the cost-share requirement for all eligible dredging projects to require only a match of one non-State dollar for every three dollars from the Shallow Draft Fund.
  • Directs the Department of Environmental Quality to adopt rules to implement the grant programs associated with both the Shallow Draft Fund and the Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund.

This section became effective July 1, 2022.

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