H593 - JCPC/Detention/CAA and Other Fees. (SL 2020-83)
Session Year 2020
Overview: S.L. 2020-83 does the following:

  • Makes certain modifications to current law related to Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils.
  • Clarifies that persons under 18 held in custody must be held in a juvenile detention facility.
  • Makes conforming changes to current law related to inmates held in the Statewide Misdemeanant Confinement Program and transferred for medical treatment.
  • Increases the Criminal Court Appointed Counsel Fee.
  • Increases court costs to support Indigent Defense Services and the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission.
  • Modifies deadlines related to the payment of radiological emergency planning fee.
  • Creates an opportunity for an individual notified to register as a sex offender, to petition a court to review the registration requirement.
  • Provides additional direction to municipalities and counties regarding the publication of declaration information.

This act has various effective dates. Please see the full summary for more detail.

Additional Information: