S599 - Open Skating Rinks/Bowling Alleys. (Ratified)
Session Year 2020
Overview: OVERVIEW Senate Bill 599 would have done the following:

  • Authorized existing skating rinks and bowling alleys to open and resume operations, provided specific conditions were met.
  • Temporarily allowed minor league baseball stadiums with existing food and beverage establishments to have outdoor seating up to ten percent (10%) of the permanent seating capacity of the stadium, provided certain conditions were met.
  • Allowed the Governor, with a concurrence of the majority of the Council of State, to exercise emergency powers to reclose the skating rinks and bowling alleys opened by Senate Bill 599, provided the concurrence was documented and released.
  • Required the Secretary of Health and Human Services or the Secretary of Environmental Quality to notify the Governor, obtained a concurrence of a majority of the Council of State, and released that concurrence before issuing an order of abatement related to COVID-19 that required closure of skating rinks and bowling alleys.

Senate Bill 599 was ratified by the General Assembly on June 19, 2020, and vetoed by the Governor on July 2, 2020.

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