S604 - Amend NC Veterinary Practice Act. (SL 2019-170)
Session Year 2019
Overview: S.L. 2019-170: (i) defines "impairment" for purposes of the Veterinary Medical Board (Board) and allows the Board to take disciplinary action against registrants for impairment, (ii) amends the extent to which a person may administer to an animal owned by the person, (iii) requires veterinary facility permits for any facility where veterinary medicine is practiced, (iv) allows a business entity to own a veterinary facility upon obtaining a veterinary facility permit, and (v) allows the Board to establish rules for the practice of veterinary telehealth.

The conforming changes and provisions of the act relating to unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine became effective 60 days after the date that the Board adopts pertinent rules. The remainder of the act became effective July 16, 2019.

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