S556 - GSC People First Language 2019. (SL 2019-76)
Session Year 2019
Overview: Parts I and II of S.L. 2019-76 implement People First drafting by changing the phrase "mental retardation" to "intellectual disability" or "intellectual or other developmental disability" in statutes relating to the provision of services and makes further People First language, technical, and clarifying amendments in those statutes.

Additionally, S.L. 2019-76 adjusts the General Statutes Commission (Commission) membership by:

  • removing an appointment to the Commission by the dean of the Charlotte School of Law because of the school's closure;
  • deleting a provision that applied only to the original appointments to the Commission and is now obsolete;
  • adjusting the beginning and ending dates of appointments to the Commission to align more closely with the Commission's work year;
  • resolving ambiguous language dealing with vacancies on the Commission and clarifies what procedure applies; and
  • making conforming amendments to these changes.