H97 - 2015 Appropriations Act, Sec. 14.6.(p)-(r): Erosion Control Structures (SL 2015-241)
Session Year 2015
Overview: Secs. 14.6.(p) through (r) of S.L. 2015-241 amend the statutes that limit erosion control structures to allow the Costal Resources Commission to issue additional terminal groin permits for New River Inlet in Onslow County and Bogue Inlet between Carteret and Onslow Counties, and direct the Commission to amend its rules governing erosion control structures (structures) to provide for all of the following:

  • Allow for the temporary placement of the structures on any property experiencing coastal erosion that is adjacent to a property that contains structures.
  • Allow for the placement of structures on the entire shoreline boundary of a property without regard to proximity to an imminently threatened structure.
  • Adjustment of expiration dates for all structure permits on the same property to the latest termination date of any of the permits.
  • The replacement, repair, or modification of damaged structures placed under a currently valid permit or an expired permit being litigated by the property owner.

These sections became effective July 1, 2015.

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