Commercial Law and Consumer Protection
Session Year 2021
All 2021 summaries for Commercial Law and Consumer Protection (docx)
SL 2021-190 H110 - Landlord Submission of HOPE Application.
SL 2021-68 H238 - Prohibit Possession of Skimming Device.
SL 2021-162 H320 - Modernize Remote Business Access.
Ratified H352 - Hotel Safety Issues.
SL 2021-147 H403 - Clarify Motor Vehicle Franchise Laws.
SL 2021-166 H624 - North Carolina Regulatory Sandbox Act.
SL 2021-159 H685 - Electronic Transaction Fees/Official Fees.
SL 2021-35 H812 - Clarify Remote Meetings During Emergencies.
SL 2021-93 S198 - GSC Good Funds Settlement/Comm. Receivership.
SL 2021-172 S425 - Guaranteed Asset Protection and Vehicle Value Protection Agreement Changes.
SL 2021-106 S507 - Modify Business Corporation Act.