Vetoed Legislation
Session Year 2021
All 2021 summaries for Vetoed Legislation (docx)
Ratified H220 - Choice of Energy/Additional Provisions.
Ratified H264 - Emergency Powers Accountability Act.
Ratified H294 - Sale of Salvage Vehicles.
Ratified H324 - Ensuring Dignity & Nondiscrimination/Schools.
Ratified H352 - Hotel Safety Issues.
Ratified H398 - Pistol Purchase Permit Repeal.
Ratified H453 - Human Life Nondiscrimination Act/No Eugenics.
Ratified H605 - 2022 Primary Date.
Ratified H729 - Charter Schools Omnibus.
Ratified H805 - Prevent Rioting and Civil Disorder.
Ratified S37 - In-Person Learning Choice for Families.
Ratified S43 - Protect Religious Meeting Places.
Ratified S116 - Putting North Carolina Back to Work Act.
Ratified S173 - Free the Smiles Act.
Ratified S326 - Election Day Integrity Act.
Ratified S360 - Prohibit Collusive Settlements by the Attorney General.
Ratified S636 - Donor Privacy.
Ratified S725 - Prohibit Private Money in Elections Administration.