Vetoed Legislation
Session Year 2020
All 2020 summaries for Vetoed Legislation (docx)
Ratified H258 - Open Amusement Parks/Arcades/Venues.
Ratified H536 - Temp Outdoor Restaurants for Outdoor Seating.
Ratified H594 - Temporarily Open Gyms/Health Clubs/Fitness Centers.
Ratified H612 - Department of Social Services Review of Procedures/Criminal History/Office of Administrative Hearings.
Ratified H652 - 2nd Amendment Protection Act.
Ratified H686 - Freedom to Celebrate the Fourth of July.
Ratified H806 - Open Exercise & Fitness Facilities.
Ratified H918 - Expedite Permanency/DHHS Report SNAP/TANF.
Ratified S105 - Clarify Emergency Powers.
Ratified S168 - DHHS & Other Revisions.
Ratified S599 - Open Skating Rinks/Bowling Alleys.