Session Year 2020
All 2020 summaries for Retirement (docx)
SL 2020-74 H308 - Regulatory Reform Act of 2020.: Sec. 9: Extend Right to Work Authorization for State and Local Government Retirees During the COVID-19 Emergency.
SL 2020-41 H1218 - Salary-Related Contributions/Debt Service Funds.
SL 2020-8 S47 - Morganton Firemen's Relief Fund.
SL 2020-29 S379 - Retirement Systems Admin. Changes.
SL 2020-3 S704 - COVID-19 Recovery Act .: Sec. 4.22: Interim Determinations and Interim Certifications for Certain Disability Benefits.
SL 2020-3 S704 - COVID-19 Recovery Act.: Sec. 4.23: Temporarily Remove Barriers to Allow Retirees of the Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System and the Local Government Employees' Retirement System to Return to Work on a Part-Time, Temporary, or Interim Basis During State of Emergency Related to COVID-19.
SL 2020-3 S704 - COVID-19 Recovery Act .: Sec. 4.37: Extend the Joint Legislative Study Committee on Small Business Retirement Options.
SL 2020-48 S719 - Retirement Tech./Protect./& Other Changes.