Vetoed Legislation
Session Year 2019
All 2019 summaries for Vetoed Legislation (docx)
Ratified H231 - UNC & Comm. Coll. Pay/Retiree Bonus.
Ratified H370 - Require Cooperation with ICE Detainers.
Ratified H398 - Information Technology Budget/2019-2021 Fiscal Biennium.
Ratified H555 - Medicaid Transformation Implementation.
Ratified H645 - Revisions to Outdoor Advertising Laws.
Ratified H966 - 2019 Appropriations Act.
Ratified S250 - Remove Foreign Citizens from Voting Rolls.
Ratified S320 - Regional Water Systems and State Grants.
Ratified S354 - Strengthening Educators' Pay Act.
Ratified S359 - Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.
Ratified S392 - Various Charter School Changes.
Ratified S438 - Excellent Public Schools Act of 2019.
Ratified S553 - Regulatory Reform Act of 2019.
Ratified S578 - Reduce Franchise Tax/Expand Film Grants.