Child Well-Being Transformation Council

Session Law 2018-5, Section 24.1 directed the establishment of the North Carolina Child Well-Being Transformation Council (Children's Council) for the purpose of coordinating, collaborating, and communicating among agencies and organizations involved in providing public services to children. There are many public and private agencies and organizations across the State involved with promoting the welfare of children and protecting them from harm, such as those involving child care, education, health care, social services, and juvenile justice. Though these agencies and organizations provide important services, they often fail to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate about those services. A more systematic and coordinated approach to services will help ensure that the State achieves the best possible outcomes for children.

The Children's Council is located administratively in the General Assembly’s Program Evaluation Division. The Children's Council consists of 25 members. In making appointments, each appointing authority selects members who have appropriate experience and knowledge of the issues to be examined by the Children's Council and strives to ensure members are appointed who represent the geographical, political, gender, and racial diversity of this State.

The Children's Council directs its focus on the following initiatives:

    (1) Mapping the network of child-serving agencies and organizations in the State
    (2) Cataloging examples of failures in coordination, collaboration, and communication in the context of child welfare.
    (3) Reviewing the work of bodies similar to the Children's Council operating in other states to identify promising practices and focus areas for the Children's Council's work.
    (4) Monitoring changes in the social services and child welfare system associated with reform and regional supervision.
    (5) Identifying gaps in coordination, collaboration, and communication related to all publicly funded child serving programs.
    (6) Recommending changes in law, policy, or practice necessary to remedy gaps or problems impacting coordination, collaboration, and communication among publicly funded child-serving agencies.

By June 30, 2019, the Children's Council will submit an interim report to the chairs of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Health and Human Services, the chairs of the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee on Health and Human Services, the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services, and the Fiscal Research Division. The report will include a summary of the Council's work for the previous year, any findings and recommendations for change, and a work plan for the upcoming year. By June 30, 2020, the Children's Council will submit a final report and shall terminate on that date.