Senate Roll Call Vote Transcript for Roll Call #510
2021-2022 Session
HB 91:  Accountability and Fair Play in Athletics.
Vote:  Conference Rpt Motion 8 To Adopt
Roll Call #510
Outcome: PASS
Sponsor: BELL
Time: 11/17/2021 2:29 p.m.
Total votes: 48
Ayes: 41
Noes: 7
Not Voting: 0
Excused Absence: 2
Excused Vote: 0
Ayes (Democrat)
Batch; Chaudhuri; Crawford; D. Davis; deViere; Foushee; Garrett; J. Jackson; Lowe; Mohammed; Murdock; Robinson; Waddell; Woodard
Ayes (Republican)
T. Alexander; Ballard; Barnes; Berger; Britt; Burgin; Corbin; Craven; Daniel; Edwards; Ford; Galey; Harrington; Hise; B. Jackson; Jarvis; Johnson; Krawiec; Lazzara; Lee; Newton; Perry; Proctor; Rabon; Sanderson; Sawyer; Steinburg
Noes (Democrat)
Blue; Clark; Fitch; Marcus; Mayfield; Nickel; Salvador
Noes (Republican)
Excused Absence (Democrat)
Excused Absence (Republican)