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House Roll Call Vote Transcript for Roll Call #90
2019-2020 Session
HB 266:  School Annual Report Card.
Vote:  Second Reading
Roll Call #90
Outcome: PASS
Sponsor: RIDDELL
Time: 3/27/2019 2:54 p.m.
Total votes: 110
Ayes: 105
Noes: 5
Not Voting: 1
Excused Absence: 9
Excused Vote: 0
Ayes (Democrat)
Ager; Alexander; Autry; Ball; Batch; Beasley; Belk; Black; Brockman; Butler; Carney; Clark; Clemmons; Cunningham; Dahle; Everitt; Fisher; Floyd; Gailliard; Garrison; Gill; Goodman; Harris; Harrison; Hawkins; Holley; Hunt; Hunter; Insko; Jackson; John; Lofton; Logan; Lucas; Majeed; Martin; Meyer; Montgomery; Morey; Pierce; Queen; Quick; Reives; Russell; K. Smith; R. Smith; Terry; von Haefen; Willingham; Wray
Ayes (Republican)
Adams; Barnes; Bell; Boles; Brisson; Brody; Bumgardner; Carter; Conrad; Corbin; Davis; Dixon; Dobson; Elmore; Faircloth; Fraley; Goodwin; Grange; D. Hall; K. Hall; Hanig; Hardister; Henson; Horn; Howard; Humphrey; Hurley; Iler; Jarvis; L. Johnson; B. Jones; Lambeth; Lewis; McElraft; McGrady; McNeill; Potts; Presnell; Riddell; Rogers; Ross; Saine; Sasser; Sauls; Setzer; Shepard; C. Smith; Stevens; Strickland; Torbett; R. Turner; Warren; White; Yarborough; Zachary
Noes (Democrat)
Noes (Republican)
Blackwell; Cleveland; Kidwell; Pittman; Speciale
Not Voting (Democrat)
Not Voting (Republican)
Moore (Speaker)
Excused Absence (Democrat)
Adcock; Farmer-Butterfield; Graham; Richardson; B. Turner
Excused Absence (Republican)
Arp; Hastings; Murphy; Szoka