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Senate Roll Call Vote Transcript for Roll Call #583
2017-2018 Session
HB 514:  Permit Municipal Charter School/Certain Towns.
Vote:  Second Reading
Roll Call #583
Outcome: PASS
Sponsor: Brawley
Time: 5/31/2018 10:35 a.m.
Total votes: 50
Ayes: 30
Noes: 20
Not Voting: 0
Excused Absence: 0
Excused Vote: 0
Ayes (Democrat)
Ayes (Republican)
Alexander; Ballard; Barefoot; Berger (Chair); Bishop; Brown; Cook; Curtis; Daniel; J. Davis; Dunn; Edwards; Gunn; Harrington; Hise; B. Jackson; Krawiec; Lee; Meredith; Newton; Pate; Rabin; Rabon; Randleman; Sanderson; Tarte; Tillman; Tucker; Wade; Wells
Noes (Democrat)
Blue; Chaudhuri; Clark; D. Davis; Fitch; Ford; Foushee; J. Jackson; Lowe; McKissick; Robinson; Smith; Van Duyn; Waddell; Woodard
Noes (Republican)
Barrett; Barringer; Britt; Horner; McInnis