Senate Roll Call Vote Transcript for Roll Call #1612
2005-2006 Session
HB 1723:  THE STUDIES ACT OF 2006. 5th edition
Vote:  Amendment 1
Roll Call #1612
Outcome: PASSED
Time: 7/27/2006 7:02 p.m.
Total votes: 39
Ayes: 39
Noes: 0
Not Voting: 3
Excused Absence: 8
Excused Vote: 0
Ayes (Democrat)
Albertson; Atwater; Berger, D.; Bland; Boseman; Clodfelter; Cowell; Dalton; Dannelly; Dorsett; Garrou; Hagan; Kerr; Lucas; Malone; Nesbitt; Purcell; Rand; Snow; Soles; Swindell
Ayes (Republican)
Apodaca; Berger, P.; Bingham; Blake; Brock; Brown; Brunstetter; East; Forrester; Garwood; Goodall; Hartsell; Hunt; Jacumin; Presnell; Stevens; Tillman; Webster
Not Voting (Democrat)
Basnight; Kinnaird; Shaw
Not Voting (Republican)
Excused Absence (Democrat)
Graham; Holloman; Hoyle; Jenkins; Weinstein
Excused Absence (Republican)
Allran; Pittenger; Smith