House Roll Call Vote Transcript for Roll Call #846
2001-2002 Session
Vote:  A9 Nesbitt\Second Reading
Roll Call #846
Outcome: PASSED
Sponsor: PLYLER
Time: 6/27/2001 6:25 p.m.
Total votes: 109
Ayes: 108
Noes: 1
Not Voting: 11
Excused Absence: 0
Excused Vote: 0
Ayes (Democrat)
Adams; Alexander; Allen; Baddour; Barefoot; Bell; Blue; Bonner; Boyd-McIntyre; Church; Coates; Cole; Cox; Crawford, J.; Culpepper; Cunningham; Dedmon; Earle; Easterling; Edwards; Fitch; Fox; Gibson; Goodwin; Hackney; Haire; Hall; Hill; Holliman; Hurley; Jeffus; Lucas; Luebke; McAllister; McLawhorn; Michaux; Miller; Nesbitt; Nye; Oldham; Owens; Redwine; Saunders; Smith; Sutton; Tolson; Tucker; Underhill; Wainwright; Warner; Warren; Warwick; Womble; Wright; Yongue
Ayes (Republican)
Allred; Arnold; Baker; Barbee; Barnhart; Bowie; Buchanan; Capps; Carpenter; Clary; Crawford, M.; Creech; Culp; Daughtry; Decker; Dockham; Eddins; Ellis; Esposito; Gillespie; Grady; Gray; Gulley; Harrington; Hiatt; Hilton; Howard; Johnson; Justus; Kiser; McComas; McCombs; McMahan; Mitchell; Morgan; Morris; Pope; Preston; Rayfield; Russell; Setzer; Sexton; Sherrill; Shubert; Starnes; Teague; Thompson; Walend; Walker; Weatherly; West; Wilson, C.; Wilson, G.
Noes (Democrat)
Noes (Republican)
Not Voting (Democrat)
Hensley; Hunter; Insko; Jarrell; Rogers; SPEAKER; Weiss
Not Voting (Republican)
Blust; Brubaker; Holmes; Miner