S575 - North Carolina/South Carolina Original Boundary Confirmation. (SL 2016-23)
Session Year 2016
Overview: S.L. 2016-23 addresses several legal and tax issues related to the reestablishment of the original boundary line existing between North Carolina and South Carolina. North Carolina and South Carolina created a Joint Boundary Commission to relocate and reestablish their 334-mile common boundary. The Commission began its work in 1995 and completed the technical part of its work by May of 2013. For the last three years, efforts have been underway to reduce or eliminate the impact of the work on property owners whose residency or business would be moved from South Carolina to North Carolina, or vice versa, because of the reestablished boundary line. This act addresses not only the tax consequences of the reestablished boundary line but also other issues, such as public education enrollment and drivers licenses. South Carolina enacted similar legislation in June 2016: Act 270, Ratified 292, and Senate Bill 667.

This act became effective June 22, 2016. It is anticipated that the process to complete the reestablishment of the boundary line will be completed by the end of this calendar year. The boundary must be approved by the Governor and the Council of State before the Governor may issue a proclamation declaring the reestablished line as the true boundary line between North Carolina and South Carolina.

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