S513 - North Carolina Farm Act of 2015, Sec. 33: Exemptions from Certain Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Permits and Waste Analysis During Imminent Threat of Contagious Animal Disease (SL 2015-263)
Session Year 2015
Overview: Sec. 33 of S.L. 2015-263 clarifies the powers of the State Veterinarian to develop emergency measures to prevent and control the spread of a contagious animal disease by providing that emergency measures relating to the composting of dead domesticated animals are deemed permitted with respect to Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) water quality permits, and DENR is not required to issue permits. This section also provides that the State Veterinarian may temporarily suspend periodic testing of waste products from animal waste management systems and dry litter poultry facilities, in consultation with the Commissioner of Agriculture and the approval of the Governor, to the extent necessary to prevent and control an animal disease. During the suspension of waste analysis, the 1217 Interagency Committee must establish waste product nutrient content to be used for application of waste at no greater than agronomic rates.

This section became effective September 30, 2015.

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