Alcoholic Beverage Control
Session Year 2021
All 2021 summaries for Alcoholic Beverage Control (docx)
SL 2021-2 H4 - Extend ABC Permit Renewal Fee Deferral.
SL 2021-105 H73 - Temporarily Waive ABC Permit Renewal Fees.
SL 2021-59 H278 - Sunset ABC Board Participation in LGERS.
SL 2021-117 H366 - Regulatory Reform Act of 2021.: Sec. 12: Allow Distilleries to Sell Spirituous Liquor Produced by the Distiller Directly to Consumers in Other States.
SL 2021-150 H890 - ABC Omnibus Legislation.
SL 2022-1 S219 - Surveyor Licensure & Education Requirements/Construction Contract Revisions.