Bill Summaries and Explanatory Memos for SB 20 - Care for Women, Children, and Families Act.

2023-2024 Session

Summary SortKey Description Last Updated
S20-SMBB-6(CSBB-2)-v-2 Safe Surrender Infants. 04/04/2023
S20-SMBC-110(sl)-v-7 000001 Abortion Law Revisions 02/05/2024
S20-SMBC-111(sl)-v-5 000002 Suitable Facilities for the Performance of Surgical Abortions 02/08/2024
S20-SMBC-112(sl)-v-5 000003 Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection 02/05/2024
S20-SMBC-113(sl)-v-5 000004 Reforms to Reduce Infant and Maternal Mortality and Morbidity and Increase Access to Contraceptives 02/05/2024
S20-SMBC-114(sl)-v-6 000005 Paid Parental Leave for State Employees 02/05/2024
S20-SMBC-115(sl)-v-6 000006 Child Permanency, Safe Surrender of Infants, Foster Care, Adoption, and Support for New Mothers 02/05/2024
S20-SMBC-116(sl)-v-5 000007 Expanding Access to Child Care 02/05/2024
S20-SMBC-117(sl)-v-5 000008 Expand Satellite-Based Monitoring for Violent and Repeat Sexual Offenders, Increase Punishment for Assault on a Pregnant Woman, and Establish the Crime of Misdemeanor Domestic Violence 02/05/2024
S20-SMBC-69(CCSBC-2)-v-5 Care for Women, Children, and Families Act. 05/03/2023
S20-SMSH-1(e1)-v-4 Safe Surrender Infants/Safe Sleep Prog. Funds. 02/02/2023
S20-SMTU-1(e2)-v-3 Safe Surrender Infants. 02/07/2023
S20-SMTU-3(e3)-v-2 Safe Surrender Infants. 02/07/2023