Bill Summaries and Explanatory Memos for SB 105 - 2021 Appropriations Act.

2021-2022 Session

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S105-SMBA-74(sl)-v-4 000042 .000012 Sec. 42.12: Property Tax Exemptions 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-207(sl)-v-2 000009B.000003 Sec. 9B.3: Community Health Grant Program 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-208(sl)-v-2 000009B.000006 Sec. 9B.6: Funds for NC Dental Society Foundation's Mission of Mercy Dental Clinics 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-209(sl)-v-2 000009B.000007 Sec. 9B.7: Funds for Local Start Dental, Inc. 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-210(sl)-v-3 000009I.000017 Sec. 9I.17: Child Advocacy Center Funds 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-211(sl)-v-3 000009J.000002 Sec. 9J.2: Funds for National Multiple Sclerosis Society/Home Modification Program 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-213(sl)-v-4 000009I.000003 Sec. 9I.3: Intensive Family Preservation Services Funding, Performance Enhancements, and Report 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-214(sl)-v-4 000009G.000006 Sec. 9G.6: Expansion of the Continuum of Care Pilot Program into a Statewide Program 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-215(sl)-v-4 000009G.000005 Sec. 9G.5: Mountain Area Pregnancy Centers 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-216(sl)-v-4 000009G.000004A Sec. 9G.4A: Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship Funds/Grants for Durable Medical Equipment and Training 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-217(sl)-v-4 000009G.000004 Sec. 9G.4: Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship Funds/Grants for Services 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-218(sl)-v-2 000009G.000003 Sec. 9G.3: Report on Premium Assistance Program within AIDS Drug Assistance Program 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-219(sl)-v-4 000009G.000001 Sec. 9G.1: Local Health Departments/Competitive Grant Process to Improve Maternal and Child Health 03/22/2022
S105-SMBC-220(sl)-v-2 000009E.000004A Sec. 9E.4A: Temporary Certificate of Need Exemption 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-221(sl)-v-3 000009E.000004 Sec. 9E.4: Modification of Certificate of Need Exemption for Legacy Medical Care Facilities 03/07/2022
S105-SMBC-222(sl)-v-2 000009B.000008C Sec. 9B.8C: Funds for the Creation of a Continuing Medical Education Program on PANS/PANDAS 03/07/2022
S105-SMBE-100(sl)-v-4 000007 .000025 Sec. 7.25: Special Education Due Process Hearings/Permit Immediate Judicial Review of ALJ Decision 03/29/2022
S105-SMBE-101(sl)-v-3 000007 .000033 Sec. 7.33: Revise Fast-Track Replication of High-Quality Charter Schools 03/07/2022
S105-SMBE-102(sl)-v-2 000007 .000061 Sec. 7.61: Student Digital Learning Access 03/04/2022
S105-SMBE-103(sl)-v-4 000007 .000070 Sec. 7.70: Student Transportation Support 03/22/2022
S105-SMBE-104(sl)-v-2 000007 .000084 Sec. 7.84: Gizella Abramson Holocaust Education Act 03/04/2022
S105-SMBE-105(sl)-v-3 000008 .000004 Sec. 8.4: Report on Science of Reading EPP Coursework Implementation 03/22/2022
S105-SMBE-106(sl)-v-2 000008 .000015 Sec. 8.15: Changes to UNC Carryforward Authority 03/04/2022
S105-SMBE-107(sl)-v-5 000008 .000024 Sec. 8.24: Kitty Hawk Public-Private Partnership Project for Digital Learning and Career Development in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic 03/28/2022
S105-SMBE-108(sl)-v-2 000008A.000005 Sec. 8A.5: Longleaf Commitment Community College Grant 03/02/2022
S105-SMBE-93(sl)-v-2 000006 .000001 Sec. 6.1: Community College Economic Impacts/Study/Grant for Targeted Programs 03/04/2022
S105-SMBE-94(sl)-v-2 000006 .000005 Sec. 6.5 Career Academies for At-Risk Students 03/04/2022
S105-SMBE-95(sl)-v-3 000006 .000009 Sec. 6.9: Work-Based Learning/Central Piedmont Community College 03/04/2022
S105-SMBE-96(sl)-v-2 000007 .000006 Sec. 7.6: School Psychologists Allotment 03/04/2022
S105-SMBE-97(sl)-v-3 000007 .000010 Sec. 7.10: Instructional Support Personnel Report 03/07/2022
S105-SMBE-98(sl)-v-2 000007 .000016 Sec. 7.16: Medicaid Reimbursement Contract for Residential Schools 03/07/2022
S105-SMBE-99(sl)-v-2 000007 .000022 Sec. 7.22: Feminine Hygiene Products Grant Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMBN-49(sl)-v-3 000006 .000004 Sec. 6.4: Community College Childcare Grant Program/Report 03/04/2022
S105-SMBN-50(sl)-v-2 000006 .000008 Sec. 6.8: RISE Up Training and Credentialing Program/Cooperative Innovative High Schools 03/04/2022
S105-SMBN-51(sl)-v-2 000006 .000014 Sec. 6.14: Expansion of Apprenticeship Programs for Small Businesses/High Demand Trades 03/04/2022
S105-SMBN-52(sl)-v-2 000007 .000009 Sec. 7.9: Report on K-12 Computer Science Data 03/07/2022
S105-SMBN-53(sl)-v-1 000007 .000015 Sec. 7.15: Excellent Public Schools Act of 2021 Implementation Guide/Report 03/07/2022
S105-SMBN-54(sl)-v-1 000007 .000020 Sec. 7.20: TeachNC Recruitment Initiative 03/07/2022
S105-SMBN-55(sl)-v-2 000007 .000031 Sec. 7.31: Operating Balance Restrictions for School Nutrition Programs 03/07/2022
S105-SMBN-56(sl)-v-1 000007 .000057 Sec. 7.57: Changes to Educator Licensure Requirements 03/04/2022
S105-SMBN-57(sl)-v-1 000007 .000069 Sec. 7.69: Permanent Charter School Transportation Grant Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMBN-58(sl)-v-1 000007 .000078 Sec. 7.78: Clarify Reporting on Teacher Vacancies 03/04/2022
S105-SMBN-59(sl)-v-3 000008 .000003 Sec. 8.3: Patriot Star Family Scholarship Program 03/29/2022
S105-SMBN-60(sl)-v-1 000008 .000013 Sec. 8.13: Advanced Placement Fees for NCSSM/UNCSA High School Students 03/04/2022
S105-SMBN-61(sl)-v-2 000008 .000019 Sec. 8.19: NC Patriot Star Family Recovery Scholarship Program 03/29/2022
S105-SMBN-62(sl)-v-1 000008A.000004 Sec. 8A.4: SEAA Governance Structure Modifications/Budget Code Changes 03/07/2022
S105-SMBP-77(sl)-v-4 000009B.000008A Sec. 9B.8A: Virtual Behavioral Health Services Grant Program 03/07/2022
S105-SMBP-78(sl)-v-4 000009B.000009 Sec. 9B.9: Competitive Grant/Nonprofit Organizations 03/28/2022
S105-SMBP-79(sl)-v-4 000009C.000001 Sec. 9C.1: NC Pre-K Programs/Standards for Four- and Five-Star-Rated Facilities 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-80(sl)-v-4 000009C.000003 Sec. 9C.3: Raise Base Reimbursement Rates for NC Pre-K Child Care Centers 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-81(sl)-v-4 000009C.000004 Sec. 9C.4: Child Care Subsidy Rates 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-82(sl)-v-4 000009C.000005 Sec. 9C.5: Child Care Allocation Formula 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-83(sl)-v-4 000009C.000006 Sec. 9C.6: Smart Start Initiatives 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-84(sl)-v-4 000009C.000007 Sec. 9C.7: Smart Start Literacy Initiative/Dolly Parton's Imagination Library 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-85(sl)-v-4 000009C.000008 Sec. 9C.8: Flexibility in the Use of Additional Smart Start Funds/Exemption from Certain Requirements 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-86(sl)-v-4 000009C.000009 Sec. 9C.9: Grants for Child Care Facilities and NC Pre-K Classrooms/ARPA Funds 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-87(sl)-v-4 000009F.000001 Sec. 9F.1: Use of Opioid Settlement Funds 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-88(sl)-v-2 000009F.000002 Sec. 9F.2: Contract to Implement Electronic Health Records at State Psychiatric Hospitals 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-89(sl)-v-1 000009F.000003A Sec. 9F.3A: Addiction Treatment Funds 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-90(sl)-v-2 000009F.000004 Sec. 9F.4: Local Inpatient Psychiatric Beds or Bed Days 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-91(sl)-v-1 000009F.000005 Sec. 9F.5: Funds for Overdose Medications 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-92(sl)-v-2 000009G.000008 Sec. 9G.8: Lead and Asbestos Remediation in Public School Units and Child Care Facilities 03/07/2022
S105-SMBP-93(sl)-v-2 000009G.000010 Sec. 9G.10: Use of Juul Settlement Funds 03/04/2022
S105-SMBP-94(sl)-v-3 000009I.000005 Sec. 9I.5: Use of Foster Care Budget for Guardianship Assistance Program 03/07/2022
S105-SMBP-95(sl)-v-2 000009I.000015 Sec. 9I.15: Deploy Child Welfare Component of NC FAST 03/07/2022
S105-SMBP-96(sl)-v-1 000009I.000016 Sec. 9I.16: Funds for Cabarrus Cooperative Christian Ministry 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-20(sl)-v-5 000011 .000018 Sec. 11.18: Outdoor Recreation Industry Action Plan and Mapping Tool 03/07/2022
S105-SMCC-22(sl)-v-6 000012 .000006 Sec. 12.6: Commercial Leaking Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Changes 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-23(sl)-v-5 000008 .000026 Sec. 8.26: Establish Standards and Pilot Program for Highly Treated Wastewater 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-24(sl)-v-7 000008 .000011 Sec. 8.11: Collaboratory Study of Coastal and Marine Fisheries 03/28/2022
S105-SMCC-25(sl)-v-5 000012 .000002 Sec. 12.2: Oversight Committee Study of Department of Environmental Quality Fees 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-26(sl)-v-4 000012 .000003 Sec. 12.3: Extend Shellfish Leasing Moratorium 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-27(sl)-v-4 000012 .000012 Sec. 12.12: Water Infrastructure Fund Enhancement 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-28(sl)-v-5 000012 .000023 Sec. 12.23: Revise Mining Commission Chair Designation/ Ex Officio Membership 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-29(sl)-v-4 000014 .000007 .0000(G) Sec. 14.7.(g): Add Roanoke River Paddle Trail to State Parks System 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-30(sl)-v-4 000014 .000010 Sec. 14.10: Authorize Bakers Lake State Natural Area 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-31(sl)-v-8 000012 .000010 Sec. 12.10: Dam Safety Emergency Fund 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-32(sl)-v-5 000005 .000009 .0000(K) Sec. 5.9.(k): Streamflow Rehabilitation Assistance Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-33(sl)-v-7 000008 .000020 Sec. 8.20: Student Beekeeping Grant Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-34(sl)-v-6 000008 .000018 Sec. 8.18: Collaboratory Study of a Cyanobacterial Algal Bloom Treatment 03/28/2022
S105-SMCC-35(sl)-v-6 000040 .000003 Sec. 40.3: Water Resources Development Grants 03/07/2022
S105-SMCC-36(sl)-v-5 000012 .000014 Sec. 12.14: Local Assistance for Stormwater Infrastructure 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-37(sl)-v-5 000012 .000021 Sec. 12.21: Amend Dam Safety Law 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-38(sl)-v-7 000008 .000010 Sec. 8.10: Collaboratory PFAS Study/ Firefighting Foam Registry 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-39(sl)-v-5 000005 .000009 Sec. 5.9(c): Statewide Flood Resiliency Blueprint 03/09/2022
S105-SMCC-40(sl)-v-5 000012 .000001A Sec. 12.1A: Department of Environmental Quality Stewardship Program Reports 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-41(sl)-v-5 000012 .000007 Sec. 12.7: Bernard Allen Memorial Drinking Water Fund Clarification 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-42(sl)-v-5 000012 .000009 Sec. 12.9: Charlotte Motor Speedway Landfill Grant 03/04/2022
S105-SMCC-43(sl)-v-5 000038 .000006 Sec. 38.6: Completing Access to Broadband Program 03/07/2022
S105-SMCC-44(sl)-v-5 000038 .000007 Sec. 38.7: Fixed Wireless and Satellite Broadband Grants 03/07/2022
S105-SMCC-45(sl)-v-5 000038 .000008 Sec. 38.8: Broadband Mapping 03/07/2022
S105-SMCC-46(sl)-v-5 000038 .000010 Sec. 38.10: Broadband Acceleration 03/07/2022
S105-SMCC-47(sl)-v-5 000038 .000001 Sec. 38.1: Amendments to the Growing Rural Economies with Access to Technology (GREAT) Program 03/07/2022
S105-SMRB-26(e2)-v-2 2021 Appropriations Act - Finance Provisions. 06/23/2021
S105-SMRB-34(sl)-v-4 000042 .000008 Sec. 42.8: Limit Gross Premiums on Surety Bonds 03/07/2022
S105-SMRB-35(sl)-v-4 000042 .000011 Sec. 42.11: Graduate Late Payment Penalties 03/04/2022
S105-SMRI-86(sl)-v-6 000011 .19(F1) AND (F2) Secs. 11.19(f1) and (f2): Modify Renewable Energy Procurement Program for Major Military Installations, Public Universities, and Large Customers 03/07/2022
S105-SMRQ-100(sl)-v-2 000006 .000006 Sec. 6.6: NC Community College Short-Term Workforce Development Grants 03/04/2022
S105-SMRQ-101(sl)-v-1 000006 .000010 Sec. 6.10: Expansion of Adult Learner Pilot Programs 03/04/2022
S105-SMRQ-102(sl)-v-1 000007 .000007 Sec. 7.7: School Health Support Personnel Professional Entry Report 03/04/2022
S105-SMRQ-103(sl)-v-2 000007 .000011 Sec. 7.11: Schools that Lead Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMRQ-104(sl)-v-1 000007 .000017 Sec. 7.17: Full-Time Equivalency of Public School Students 03/07/2022
S105-SMRQ-105(sl)-v-2 000007 .000023 Sec. 7.23: Average Daily Membership/Hold Harmless 03/04/2022
S105-SMRQ-106(sl)-v-2 000007 .000038 Sec. 7.38: Advanced Teaching Roles Changes 03/04/2022
S105-SMRQ-107(sl)-v-2 000007 .000064 Sec. 7.64: Water and Sewer Services to Charter Schools 03/04/2022
S105-SMRQ-108(sl)-v-2 000007 .000071 Sec. 7.71: Life Changing Experiences School Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMRQ-109(sl)-v-2 000007 .000085 Sec. 7.85: Dual Enrollment/Opportunity Study 03/22/2022
S105-SMRQ-110(sl)-v-1 000008 .000007 Sec. 8.7: Allow In-State Tuition/Athletic Scholarships 03/04/2022
S105-SMRQ-111(sl)-v-3 000008 .000016 Sec. 8.16: CTP Postsecondary Scholarship Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMRQ-112(sl)-v-1 000008 .000025 Sec. 8.25: NC Promise/Add Fayetteville State 03/04/2022
S105-SMRQ-113(sl)-v-2 000008A.000001 Sec. 8A.1: Tuition Grants for NCSSM/UNCSA Graduates 03/07/2022
S105-SMRQ-114(sl)-v-2 000008A.000002 Sec. 8A.2: Public Colleges and Universities Need-Based Financial Aid Consolidation 03/07/2022
S105-SMRQ-115(sl)-v-2 000008A.000008 Sec. 8A.8: Washington Center Internship Scholarship Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMRQ-99(sl)-v-2 000006 .000002 Sec. 6.2: Community College Programs Serving IDD Students 03/04/2022
S105-SMSH-105(sl)-v-3 000039 .000023 Sec. 39.23: One-Time Cost of Living Supplements for Retirees of the TSERS, CJRS, and the LRS 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-108(sl)-v-2 000009A.000001 Sec. 9A.1: State-County Special Assistance Rates 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-109(sl)-v-3 000009A.000002 Sec. 9A.2: Increase in State-County Special Assistance Personal Needs Allowance 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-110(sl)-v-2 000009A.000003 Sec. 9A.3: Removal of the Cap on the Number of Allowable State-County Special Assistance In-Home Payments 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-111(sl)-v-2 000009A.000003B Sec. 9A.3B: Authorization for Local Entities to Set Reimbursement Rates for Adult Day Care, Adult Day Health, and Associated Transportation Services Funded by the Home and Community Care Block Grant and the State Adult Day Care Fund 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-112(sl)-v-3 000009A.000005 Sec. 9A.5: Nutrition Services for Older Adults 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-113(sl)-v-2 000009B.000001 Sec. 9B.1: Reports by Non-State Entities on the Use of Directed Grant Funds 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-114(sl)-v-6 000009B.000005 Sec. 9B.5: Veterans Health Care Pilot Program-Repealed & Funding Redirected 03/28/2022
S105-SMSH-115(sl)-v-3 000009B.000008 Sec. 9B.8: Funds for the Statewide Telepsychiatry Program 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-116(sl)-v-4 000009B.000008B Sec. 9B.8B: School-Based Virtual Care Pilot Program to Address Health Disparities in Historically Underserved Areas Disproportionately Impacted By The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency 03/09/2022
S105-SMSH-117(sl)-v-5 000009E.000003 Sec. 9E.3: Access to Patient Data Under the Medical Care Data Act 03/04/2022
S105-SMSH-118(sl)-v-5 000009E.000006 Sec. 9E.6: Adult Care Home Accreditation Pilot Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMSH-119(sl)-v-3 000009E.000007 Sec. 9E.7: Adult Care Home Infection Prevention Requirements 03/04/2022
S105-SMSH-120(sl)-v-4 000009F.000019 Sec. 9F.19: Exempt Certain Employees of the Division of State Operated Healthcare Facilities from Most Provisions of the NC Human Resources Act 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-121(sl)-v-3 000009G.000006A Sec. 9G.6A: Timely Updates to Newborn Screening Program 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-122(sl)-v-4 000009G.000011 Sec. 9G.11: Funds to Expand Local Communicable Disease Programs to Address the Impacts of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-123(sl)-v-3 000009G.000013 Sec. 9G.13: Reservation of CDC Cooperative Agreement for Emergency Response/Public Health Crisis Response/COVID-19 Public Health Workforce Supplemental Funding Received Pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act for School-Based Health Services Personnel 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-124(sl)-v-3 000009I.000001 Sec. 9I.1: Temporary Financial Assistance for Facilities Licensed to Accept State-County Special Assistance 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-125(sl)-v-3 000009I.000004 Sec. 9I.4:Child Caring Institutions 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-126(sl)-v-3 000009I.000013 Sec. 9I.13: Regional Supervision and Support of Child Welfare Services/CPS Hotline 03/07/2022
S105-SMSH-134(sl)-v-3 000009F.000003B Sec. 9F.3B: Substance Use Disorder Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Funds 03/28/2022
S105-SMSV-75(CSSVxfr-30)-v-4 2021 Appropriations Act. 08/10/2021
S105-SMSV-80(CCSMLxr-3)-v-4 2021 Appropriations Act. 11/16/2021
S105-SMSV-81(sl)-v-14 000042 Part 42: Finance 03/08/2022
S105-SMSV-82(sl)-v-8 000042 .000001 Sec. 42.1: Personal Income Tax Reduction 03/07/2022
S105-SMSV-83(sl)-v-6 000042 .000001A Sec. 42.1A: Eliminate Tax on Military Pension Income 03/04/2022
S105-SMSV-84(sl)-v-6 000042 .000002 Sec. 42.2: Phase Out Corporate Income Tax 03/04/2022
S105-SMSV-85(sl)-v-7 000042 .000003 Sec. 42.3: Franchise Tax Reduction and Simplification 03/07/2022
S105-SMSV-86(sl)-v-7 000042 .000004 Sec. 42.4: Conform to Federal Tax Treatment for PPP Loans and Related Business Assistance/IRC Update 03/07/2022
S105-SMSV-87(sl)-v-4 000042 .000005 Sec. 42.5: Reduce Impact of Federal SALT Cap by Allowing Certain Pass-Throughs to Elect to Pay Tax at the Entity Level 03/07/2022
S105-SMSV-88(sl)-v-7 000042 .000006 Sec. 42.6: Separate State Net Operating Loss Calculation for Individual Income Tax Purposes 03/07/2022
S105-SMSV-89(sl)-v-7 000042 .000007 Sec. 42.7: Reenact and Extend Mill Rehabilitation Credit 03/04/2022
S105-SMSV-90(sl)-v-4 000042 .000007A Sec. 42.7A: Expand and Extend Historic Rehabilitation Credit 03/04/2022
S105-SMSV-91(sl)-v-5 000042 .000009 Sec. 42.9: Modify Excise Tax on Cigars and Clarify Delivery Sales and Remote Sales of Tobacco Products 03/04/2022
S105-SMSV-92(sl)-v-5 000042 .000010 Sec. 42.10: Credit Short-Term Vehicle Rental Proceeds to Highway Fund 03/07/2022
S105-SMSV-93(sl)-v-5 000042 .0013A-F Sec. 42.13A-F: Revenue Laws Technical, Clarifying, and Administrative Changes 03/09/2022
S105-SMTC-135(sl)-v-2 000006 .000003 Sec. 6.3: Community Colleges Joint Program Enrollment of Public School Students 03/04/2022
S105-SMTC-136(sl)-v-2 000006 .000007 Sec. 6.7: High-Cost Workforce Programs Start-Up Funds 03/04/2022
S105-SMTC-137(sl)-v-2 000006 .000013 Sec. 6.13: Marketing and Outreach for Career and Technical Education and Work-Based Learning Programs 03/04/2022
S105-SMTC-138(sl)-v-2 000007 .000008 Sec. 7.8: Department of Public Instruction Reorganization Authority 03/04/2022
S105-SMTC-139(sl)-v-2 000007 .000012 Sec. 7.12: Permit Use of Special State Reserve Fund for Transportation/Establish Transportation Reserve Fund for Homeless and Foster Children 03/07/2022
S105-SMTC-140(sl)-v-1 000007 .000013 Sec. 7.13: Eliminate Innovation Zone Grants 03/04/2022
S105-SMTC-141(sl)-v-2 000007 .000014 Sec. 7.14: Transition from the Innovative School District Model 03/07/2022
S105-SMTC-142(sl)-v-2 000007 .000019 Sec. 7.19: School Safety Grants Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMTC-143(sl)-v-2 000007 .000030 Sec. 7.30: Powers and Duties of the Center for Safer Schools 03/07/2022
S105-SMTC-144(sl)-v-1 000007 .000044 Sec. 7.44: Recommendation for Students with Disabilities Funding 03/04/2022
S105-SMTC-145(sl)-v-1 000007 .000067 Sec. 7.67: Revise Personal Leave Costs for Teachers 03/04/2022
S105-SMTC-146(sl)-v-1 000007 .000072 Sec. 7.72: Innovative Signature Career Academy Pilot 03/04/2022
S105-SMTC-147(sl)-v-1 000007A.000002 Sec. 7A.2: Support Highly Qualified North Carolina Teaching Graduates 03/04/2022
S105-SMTC-148(sl)-v-3 000008 .000008 Sec. 8.8: Codify North Carolina Collaborative 03/30/2022
S105-SMTC-149(sl)-v-1 000008 .000017 Sec. 8.17: UNC System Educational Career Alignment 03/04/2022
S105-SMTC-150(sl)-v-3 000008A.000003 Sec. 8A.3: Equity in Opportunity Act 03/30/2022
S105-SMTE-1(sl)-v-3 000009F.000006 Sec. 9F.6: Youth Tobacco Enforcement Funding 03/07/2022
S105-SMTE-10(sl)-v-3 000009I.000009 Sec. 9I.9: Permanency Innovation Initiative 03/07/2022
S105-SMTE-11(sl)-v-3 000009I.000010 Sec. 9I.10: Report on Certain Expenditures for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families 03/07/2022
S105-SMTE-12(sl)-v-3 000009I.000011 Sec. 9I.11: Increase Foster Care and Adoption Assistance Rates 03/07/2022
S105-SMTE-13(sl)-v-3 000009I.000012 Sec. 9I.12: Child Welfare-Behavioral Health Pilot Project 03/07/2022
S105-SMTE-14(sl)-v-3 000009I.000018 Sec. 9I.18: Funds for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families - Work First Families 03/07/2022
S105-SMTE-15(sl)-v-3 000009A.000004 Sec. 9A.4: Rapid Rehousing for Individuals and Families at Risk of Homelessness 03/07/2022
S105-SMTE-16(sl)-v-2 000009B.000002 Sec. 9B.2: Funds for the North Carolina Families Accessing Services Through Technology System 03/07/2022
S105-SMTE-2(sl)-v-2 000009F.000007 Sec. 9F.7: Resume Funding for the Adult and Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Pilot Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMTE-3(sl)-v-2 000009F.000007A Sec. 9F.7A: Increase Funding for Traumatic Brain Injury Services 03/04/2022
S105-SMTE-4(sl)-v-2 000009F.000008 Sec. 9F.8: Funds for Student Athlete Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention and Care 03/04/2022
S105-SMTE-5(sl)-v-6 000009F.000009 Sec. 9F.9: Use of Dorothea Dix Hospital Property Funds for New Licensed Inpatient Behavioral Health Beds 03/30/2022
S105-SMTE-6(sl)-v-2 000009F.000010 Sec. 9F.10: Dorothea Dix Hospital Property Funds Remain Available for Projects 03/04/2022
S105-SMTE-7(sl)-v-4 000009I.000006 Sec. 9I.6: Child Welfare Postsecondary Support Program - NC REACH 03/07/2022
S105-SMTE-8(sl)-v-3 000009I.000007 Sec. 9I.7: Federal Child Support Incentive Payments 03/07/2022
S105-SMTE-9(sl)-v-3 000009I.000008 Sec. 9I.8: Successful Transition - Foster Care Youth 03/07/2022
S105-SMTQ-121(sl)-v-3 000005 .000009B Sec. 5.9B: Agricultural Crop Loss Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMTQ-122(sl)-v-3 000010 .000007 Sec. 10.7: Meat and Seafood Processing Grants 03/07/2022
S105-SMTQ-123(sl)-v-5 000010 .000008 Sec. 10.8: Swine and Dairy Assistance Program 03/07/2022
S105-SMTQ-124(sl)-v-4 000011 .000004 Sec. 11.4: Shellfish Growers Loan Program 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-27(sl)-v-2 000009A.000003A Sec. 9A.3A: State-County Special Assistance Program Changes 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-28(sl)-v-2 000009B.000002A Sec. 9B.2A: Medicaid Transformation Reserve Funds for Information Technology Division Support of Medicaid Applications 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-29(sl)-v-1 000009D.000001 Sec. 9D.1: Continue Medicaid Annual Report 03/04/2022
S105-SMTR-30(sl)-v-1 000009D.000003 Sec. 9D.3: Volume Purchase Plans and Single Source Procurement 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-31(sl)-v-1 000009D.000004 Sec. 9D.4: Duration of Medicaid and NC Health Choice Program Modifications 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-32(sl)-v-1 000009D.000005 Sec. 9D.5: Administrative Hearings Funding 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-33(sl)-v-1 000009D.000008A Sec. 9D.8A: Creation of the HCBS Fund 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-34(sl)-v-1 000009D.000009 Sec. 9D.9: Waive Medicaid Provider Enrollment and Revalidation Fees 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-35(sl)-v-1 000009D.000010 Sec. 9D.10: Copayments for Medicaid Services 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-36(sl)-v-1 000009D.000013 Sec. 9D.13: Continue Medicaid Coverage for Pregnant Women for Twelve Months Postpartum 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-37(sl)-v-2 000009D.000013A Sec. 9D.13A: Modernized Hospital Assessments Additional Components and Technical Corrections 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-38(sl)-v-2 000009D.000014 Sec. 9D.14: Allow a Parent to Retain Medicaid Eligibility While a Child is Temporarily Served by the Foster Care System 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-39(sl)-v-1 000009D.000016 Sec. 9D.16: Use of Medicaid Transformation Fund for Medicaid Transformation Needs 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-40(sl)-v-1 000009D.000019 Sec. 9D.19: Reimburse Durable Medical Equipment Prescribed by Podiatrists 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-41(sl)-v-1 000009D.000019A Sec. 9D.19A: Prepaid Health Plans Reimbursement of Prescription Drugs at Pharmacist's Cost 03/04/2022
S105-SMTR-42(sl)-v-2 000009D.000021 Sec. 9D.21: Charter Schools Medicaid Reimbursement 03/04/2022
S105-SMTR-43(sl)-v-1 000009D.000007 Sec. 9D.7: LME/MCO Intergovernmental Transfers 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-44(sl)-v-1 000009D.000011 Sec. 9D.11: Expand Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults (CAP/DA) Waiver Slots 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-45(sl)-v-1 000009D.000012 Sec. 9D.12: Expand North Carolina Innovations Waiver Slots 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-46(sl)-v-1 000009D.000012A Sec. 9D.12A: Plan for Adequate Provider Supply for Services Provided Through the Innovations Waiver 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-47(sl)-v-1 000009D.000017 Sec. 9D.17: Choice in Accreditation for LME/MCOs Operating BH IDD Tailored Plans 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-48(sl)-v-1 000009D.000022 Sec. 9D.22: Require LME/MCOs to Pay for Behavioral Health Services Provided to Beneficiaries Awaiting Hospital Discharge 03/04/2022
S105-SMTR-49(sl)-v-2 000009F.000003 Sec. 9F.3: Single-Stream Funding for the Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services Community Services 03/04/2022
S105-SMTR-50(sl)-v-1 000009F.000011 Sec. 9F.11: Behavioral Health Urgent Care Pilot Program 03/04/2022
S105-SMTR-51(sl)-v-1 000009F.000012 Sec. 9F.12: Supplemental Short-Term Assistance for Group Homes 03/04/2022
S105-SMTR-52(sl)-v-2 000009F.000013 Sec. 9F.13: Temporary Additional Funding Assistance for Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities 03/04/2022
S105-SMTR-53(sl)-v-2 000009F.000014 Sec. 9F.14: Group Home Stabilization and Transition Initiative 03/04/2022
S105-SMTR-54(sl)-v-1 000009F.000015 Sec. 9F.15: Support County Crisis Behavioral Health Program Joint Partnerships 03/04/2022
S105-SMTR-55(sl)-v-2 000009D.000015 Sec. 9D.15: Increase Rates to Intermediate Care Facilities for Direct Care Worker Wage Increases 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-56(sl)-v-3 000009D.000015A Sec. 9D.15A: Increase Rates to HCBS Providers to Increase Direct Care Worker Wages 03/29/2022
S105-SMTR-57(sl)-v-1 000009D.000015B Sec. 9D.15B: Increase Private Duty Nursing Rates 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-58(sl)-v-1 000009D.000015C Sec. 9D.15C: Study Direct Care Workers Serving Individuals in the Innovations Waiver Program and Develop a Plan for Any Recommended Increase in Those Workers' Wages 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-59(sl)-v-2 000009D.000018 Sec. 9D.18: Evaluate Division of Health Benefits Needs in a Managed Care Environment 03/07/2022
S105-SMTR-60(sl)-v-2 000005 .000013 Sec. 5.13: Joint Legislative Committee on Access to Healthcare and Medicaid Expansion 03/04/2022
S105-SMTR-61(sl)-v-2 000039 .000021 Sec. 39.21: One-Time Bonus Payment Program for Eligible Direct Care Workers 03/04/2022