Bill Summaries and Explanatory Memos for HB 902 - P&C Changes/Glob. Tranp./Prison Pilot.

2019-2020 Session

Summary SortKey Description Last Updated
H902-SMBB-71(CSST-72)-v-7 Temporary Beverage Service during COVID-19. 05/26/2020
H902-SMBD-54(e1)-v-2 Military-Trained/Spouse Licensure Practices. 04/30/2019
H902-SMBD-60(e2)-v-2 Military-Trained/Spouse Licensure Practices. 05/01/2019
H902-SMBG-188(sl)-v-5 PART II Part II: Global Transpark Provisions 11/16/2020
H902-SMRN-101(sl)-v-6 000001 .00001-1.000006 Part I: Purchase and Contracts Changes 11/16/2020
H902-SMRN-91(sl)-v-9 000003 Part III: Prison Software Management Pilot Program 11/16/2020
H902-SMSA-140(e4)-v-2 Delay Certain ABC Permit Renewal Payments. 06/22/2020
H902-SMTG-140(sl)-v-8 000006 Part VI: Limited Immunity from COVID-19 Related Claims Arising from Reopening of Privately Owned Community Swimming Pools 11/16/2020
H902-SMTG-142(sl)-v-5 00000IV Part IV: Association Charges for Statements of Unpaid Assessments 11/16/2020
H902-SMTQ-69(CSTQf-45)-v-2 Delay Certain ABC Permit Renewal Payments. 06/18/2020
H902-SMTT-113(sl)-v-5 000000V Part V: Clarify District Attorney Discretion in Registration Requirement Reviews 11/18/2020
H902-SMTT-27(e2)-v-2 Military-Trained/Spouse Licensure Practices. 05/01/2019
H902-SMTU-158(e3)-v-4 Temp Open Clubs & Similar Establishs/Outdoor. 05/27/2020