Bill Summaries and Explanatory Memos for HB 117 - NC Competes Act.

2015-2016 Session

Summary SortKey Description Last Updated
H117-SMMC-24(sl) North Carolina Competes Act, Parts I and II: Job Development Investment Grant Program (JDIG) and One North Carolina Modifications 12/07/2015
H117-SMMC-4(e1) NC Competes Act 03/03/2015
H117-SMMC-5(e2) NC Competes Act 03/04/2015
H117-SMRB-63(CSRBxr-44) NC Competes Act 08/06/2015
H117-SMRB-68(e5) NC Competes Act 08/10/2015
H117-SMRB-71(e6) NC Competes Act 08/19/2015
H117-SMRB-73(rpt) NC Competes Act 09/21/2015
H117-SMSV-89(sl) North Carolina Competes Act, Parts III-VI: Sales Tax Changes 10/27/2015
H117-SMSV-90(sl) North Carolina Competes Act, Part VII: Tax Compliance and Tax Fraud Prevention 10/28/2015