Bills in conference committee
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HB 633 H 633 Strengthen Criminal Gang Laws. House 06/26/2020 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House Davis, Faircloth, McNeill, Richardson =HYPERLINK("")
HB 635 H 635 Purchase & Contracts Benchmarks/Property. HA 06/25/2020 Conf Report Adopted Ross =HYPERLINK("")
HB 795 H 795 Open Amusement Parks/Arcades/Playgrounds. House 06/26/2020 Conf Com Appointed Ross, Torbett, Szoka, Riddell =HYPERLINK("")
SB 156 S 156 Superseding Orders/Domestic Violence/ALE. House 06/26/2020 Conf Com Appointed J. Jackson, Bishop, Daniel =HYPERLINK("")
SB 284 S 284 County Cybersec./Satellite Broadband Grants. Senate 06/25/2020 Conf Com Appointed Hise =HYPERLINK("")
SB 419 S 419 Technical and Other Changes. House 06/15/2020 Conf Com Appointed Britt, Johnson, McInnis =HYPERLINK("")
SB 432  (= HB  179) S 432 Birth Center & Pharm Benefits Mgr. Licensure. SA 06/26/2020 Conf Report Adopted Ballard =HYPERLINK("")