How do I find the text of a bill?
    There are three ways to access the text of a bill:

    1. Bill Look-Up: If you know the bill number you are looking for, use Bill Look-Up to retrieve information about the bill, including it's text. After looking up your bill, click on the title at the top to view its text.

    2. Bill Text Search: If you do not know the number of the bill you are looking for but know what it is about, use the Bill Text Search to find the bill. After searching, click on the bill number/title to view its text.

    3. Bill Inquiry/Simple Bill Inquiry: To find multiple bills based on multiple search criteria, use Bill Inquiry. Bill Inquiry can be intimidating to first-time users, so we also offer a scaled down, simpler version: Simple Bill Inquiry. In both cases, to view the text of a bill, click on the title of the bill in your results set.