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Interlibrary Loan
The Legislative Library offers Interlibrary Loan service to our Patrons who have borrowing privileges. Our staff will borrow materials (books, newspaper and journal articles) from other libraries.

The Legislative Library is open to the public for study and research purposes; however, circulation privileges are limited to Legislators and legislative staff.

The Library staff provides reference and research assistance in the Library and by email or by telephone. We will help you locate specific information, select appropriate resources, guide you in the most effective use of information resources or refer you to other sources.

The Library staff offers a variety of training opportunities for NCGA members and staff to learn to use the Library's information resources effectively. We will come to your office and provide one-on-one training or you are welcome to attend a formal class. Click here for class descriptions.

For the Public
The Library staff offers limited research help for the general public by phone, by email, or in person. In general, we can help you locate sources of information. We cannot interpret or explain the information.

For example, the Library staff can

  • Help you look up a specific statute or bill
  • Provide guidance in researching the history of a statute or bill
  • Recommend books, web sites, or other sources that may answer your question
  • Give you the contact information of your district’s legislators
  • Refer you to other organizations that may be able to help
  • Help you find information on the General Assembly web site

The Library staff cannot

  • Interpret the language of a statute or bill
  • Explain whether a certain act is against the law
  • Define legal terms or concepts
  • Help you fill out a legal form
  • Tell you what to do in a particular case (real or hypothetical)

For detailed help with a legal matter, check out this list of free or low-cost services.


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