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Votes on bills in the House and Senate are taken either by voice or by electronic voting system. Voice votes are recorded in the Journals as total “ayes” or “noes” whereas roll call votes are electronically recorded for each member.

The Legislative Library maintains roll call voting records for bills which come up for votes before the full House and Senate. These records are searchable by bill number and reside within the bill notebooks housed in the Library. Votes from 1975-1994 are available on microfilm and can also be found in the House and Senate Journals as well as at the State Archives.

Votes by individual member are available only for 1997 to the present.

The reference chart below describes which voting records are available in the Legislative Library and online at the NCGA website. Click here to view the voting records available online.

Series Online Paper Microfilm
Roll Call Votes by Bill Number 1995-1999 2001-present 1995-2007 1975*-1994
Member Voting Reports 1997-present X X
*1975-76 Senate votes only

For more specific information, see “Bills & Votes” at our Documents Locator page.

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