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Current Executive Orders can be found at the Governor's website.

Executive Orders (2001-2016) are available at the Modern Governors Papers section of the North Carolina Digital Collections website.

Since 1973, Executive Orders have been published as an appendix to the printed Session Laws of North Carolina.

Pre-1973 Executive Orders can be found within each governor's published papers. Some of these publications have been digitized and are searchable through the North Carolina Digital Collections:

Public Addresses, Letters, and Papers of….

William Bradley Umstead, 1953-1954

William Kerr Scott, 1949-1953

Robert Gregg Cherry, 1945-1949

Joseph Melville Broughton, 1941-1945

Oliver Max Gardner, 1929-1933

Angus Wilton McLean, 1925-29

Cameron Morrison, 1921-1925

Thomas Walter Bickett, 1917-1921

Locke Craig, 1913-1917

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