§ 143C‑6‑8.  State agencies may incur financial obligations only if authorized by the Director of the Budget and subject to the availability of appropriated funds.

(a) Limitation. – Unless otherwise authorized by the Director as provided by law, purchase orders, contracts, salary commitments, and any other financial obligations by State agencies shall be subject to the availability of appropriated funds or available funds that are not State funds as defined in this Chapter. Any employment contract or salary commitment that is paid in whole or in part with State funds shall also be subject to this limitation.

(b) Notice. – Any written purchase order, contract, salary commitment, or other financial obligation subject to this section shall include a clause that sets forth the limitation imposed by subsection (a) of this section. Where this section applies but there is no written document to which the limitation may be added, the entity that administers the State funds at issue shall notify the person or entity of the limitation. (2006‑203, s. 3; 2012‑142, s. 6.13(a).)