§ 143B-437.114.  Program guidelines.

The Department, in conjunction with the Governor's Office, shall develop guidelines related to the administration of the Fund, the selection of projects to receive allocations from the Fund, and the disbursement of a grant under the Fund. At least 20 days before the effective date of any guidelines or nontechnical amendments to guidelines, the Department must publish the proposed guidelines on the Department's website and provide notice to persons who have requested notice of proposed guidelines. In addition, the Department must accept oral and written comments on the proposed guidelines during the 15 business days beginning on the first day that the Department has completed these notifications. For the purpose of this section, a technical amendment is either of the following:

(1) An amendment that corrects a spelling or grammatical error.

(2) An amendment that makes a clarification based on public comment and could have been anticipated by the public notice that immediately preceded the public comment. (2023-42, s. 2.)