§ 143B-437.111.  Definitions.

The following definitions apply in this Part:

(1) Fund. - The North Carolina Major Events, Games, and Attractions Fund established under G.S. 143B-437.112.

(2) Local entity. - A city, county, or local organizing committee.

(3) Local organizing committee. - A nonprofit corporation or its successor in interest that satisfies one of the following conditions:

a. It has been authorized by a city, county, or more than one city or county acting collectively to pursue an application and bid on the applicant's behalf to a site selection organization for selection as the site of a major event.

b. With the authorization of a city, county, or more than one city or county acting collectively, it has executed an agreement with a site selection organization regarding a bid to host a major event.

(4) Major event. - An entertainment, musical, political, sporting, or theatrical event that satisfies the following conditions:

a. The event is either of the following:

1. Held at (i) a sports facility or (ii) an indoor venue that is not a sports facility but that hosts sporting events and is designed to host 22,000 or more live spectators.

2. Sponsored by the National Association for Stock Car Racing, the Ladies Professional Golf Association, the Professional Golfers' Association of America, the PGA Tour, or the United States Golf Association.

b. The event is not held more often than annually.

c. The location of the event is determined by a site selection organization through a competitive process.

d. The site selection organization considered multiple sites located outside of the State for the event.

e. The site selection organization selected a site within this State as the sole location for the event.

(5) Site selection organization. - The organization responsible for determining the site of a major event.

(6) Sports facility. - As defined in G.S. 18C-901. (2023-42, s. 2; 2023-134, s. 11.18(a).)