§ 143-214.10.  Division of Mitigation Services: development and implementation of basinwide restoration plans.

Develop Basinwide Restoration Plans. - The Department shall develop basinwide plans for wetlands and riparian area restoration with the goal of protecting and enhancing water quality, flood prevention, fisheries, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities within each of the 17 major river basins in the State. The Department shall develop and implement a basinwide restoration plan for each of the 17 river basins in the State in accordance with the basinwide schedule currently established by the Division of Water Resources. (1996, 2nd Ex. Sess., c. 18, s. 27.4(a); 2005-386, s. 3.3; 2013-413, s. 57(j); 2014-115, s. 17; 2015-1, s. 4.3.)