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HOUSE DRH30218-RT-5  (03/13)







Short Title:     Ban Incandescent Light Bulbs.



Representative Harrison.

Referred to:





AN ACT to prohibit the sale of general service incandescent lamps in the state.

The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1.  The General Statutes are amended by adding a new Chapter to read:

"Chapter 113C.

"Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation.

" 113C-1.  Sale of general purpose incandescent lamps prohibited.

(a)       As used in this section, 'general service incandescent lamp' means a standard incandescent or halogen type lamp that is intended for general service applications and has all of the following:

(1)       A medium screw base.

(2)       A wattage rating no less than 25 watts and no greater than 150 watts.

(3)       A shape that is defined as A-15, A-19, A-21, A-23, A-25, PS-25, PS-30, BT-14.5, BT-15, CP-19, TB-19, CA-22, or equivalent shape by the American National Standard Institute standard for electric lamps C78.20-2003 approved 30 October 2003.

(4)       A bulb finish of frosted, clear, or soft white type.

(b)       No person shall sell or offer for sale a general purpose incandescent lamp in this State.

(c)       This section does not apply to an appliance lamp, black light lamp, bug lamp, colored lamp, enhanced spectrum lamp, infrared lamp, left-hand tread lamp, marine lamp, marine signal service lamp, mine service lamp, plant light, reflector lamp, rough service lamp, shatter resistant lamp, sign service lamp, silver bowl lamp, showcase lamp, three-way lamp, traffic signal lamp, or vibration service or vibration resistant lamp."

SECTION 2.  This act becomes effective on 1 January 2016 and applies to the sale of general purpose incandescent lamps on or after that date.