Child Well-Being Transformation Council

Session Law 2018-5, Section 24.1 established the North Carolina Child Well-Being Transformation Council (Children's Council) for the purpose of coordinating, collaborating, and communicating among agencies and organizations involved in providing public services to children. The Children's Council was located administratively in the General Assembly and consisted of 25 members.

The Children's Council issued its Final Report on July 20, 2020. Go to the Reports and Products page to see how the Council fulfilled its six charges:

    (1) Mapping the network of child-serving agencies and organizations in the State
    (2) Cataloging examples of failures in coordination, collaboration, and communication in the context of child welfare.
    (3) Reviewing the work of bodies similar to the Children's Council operating in other states to identify promising practices and focus areas for the Children's Council's work.
    (4) Monitoring changes in the social services and child welfare system associated with reform and regional supervision.
    (5) Identifying gaps in coordination, collaboration, and communication related to all publicly funded child serving programs.
    (6) Recommending changes in law, policy, or practice necessary to remedy gaps or problems impacting coordination, collaboration, and communication among publicly funded child-serving agencies.

If you have any questions regarding the work of the Council, contact Kiernan McGorty at