99E-41. Definitions.

The following definitions apply in this Article:

(1) Claim. - Any claim by or on behalf of a natural person, as well as any derivative or other claim arising from a common set of facts or circumstances and asserted by or on behalf of any other person.

(2) Knowing and willful conduct. - Conduct which meets all of the following criteria:

a. The conduct was committed with any of the following:

1. The intent to deceive or injure consumers.

2. Actual knowledge that such conduct was injurious to consumers.

3. Reason to know there is a reasonable probability of injury to consumers.

b. The conduct constituting the violation was not required by regulations, orders, rules, or other pronouncement of, or any statute administered by, a federal, State, or local government agency.

(3) Other person. - Any individual, corporation, company, association, firm, partnership, society, joint-stock company, or any other entity, including any governmental entity or private attorney general. (2013-309, s. 1.)