99E-11. Duties of an operator.

The operator, to the extent practicable, shall:

(1) Post the duties of roller skaters and spectators and the duties, obligations, and liabilities of the operator as prescribed in this Article in conspicuous places in at least three locations in the roller skating rink.

(2) Maintain the stability and legibility of all signs, symbols, and posted notices required under subdivision (1) of this section.

(3) Comply with all roller skating rink safety standards published by the Roller Skating Rink Operators Association, including, but not limited to, the proper maintenance of roller skating equipment and roller skating surfaces.

(4) When the rink is open for sessions, have at least one floor guard on duty for approximately every 200 skaters.

(5) Maintain the skating surface in reasonably safe condition and clean and inspect the skating surface before each session.

(6) Maintain in good condition the railings, kickboards, and walls surrounding the skating surface.

(7) In rinks with step-up or step-down skating surfaces, ensure that the covering on the riser is securely fastened.

(8) Install fire extinguishers and inspect fire extinguishers at recommended intervals.

(9) Provide reasonable security in parking areas during operational hours.

(10) Inspect emergency lighting units periodically to ensure the lights are in proper order.

(11) Keep exit lights and lights in service areas on when skating surface lights are turned off during special numbers.

(12) Check rental skates on a regular basis to ensure the skates are in good mechanical condition.

(13) Prohibit the sale or use of alcoholic beverages on the premises.

(14) Comply with all applicable State and local safety codes.

(15) Not engage willfully or negligently in any conduct that may proximately cause injury, damage, or death to a roller skater or spectator. (1997-376, s. 2.)