§ 98-14.  Rules for petitions and motions.

The following rules shall be observed in petitions and motions under this Chapter:

(1)        The facts stated in every petition or motion shall be verified  by affidavit of the petitioner that they are true according to the best of his knowledge, information, and belief.

(2)        The instrument or paper sought to be established by any petition shall be fully set forth in its substance, and its precise language shall be stated when the same is remembered.

(3)        All persons interested in the prayers of the petition or decree shall be made parties.

(4)        Petitions to establish a record of any court shall be filed in the superior court of the county where the record is sought to be established. Other petitions may be filed in the office of the clerk.

(5)        The costs shall be paid as the court may decree.

(6)        Appeals shall be allowed as in all other cases, and where the error alleged shall be a finding by the superior court of a matter of fact, the same may be removed on appeal to the appellate division, and the proper judgments directed to be entered below.

(7)        It shall be presumed that any order or record of the court of pleas and quarter sessions, which was made and has been lost or destroyed, was made by a legally constituted court, and the requisite number of justices, without naming said justices. (1865-6, c. 41, s. 12; 1874-5, c. 51; c. 254, s. 3; Code, s. 67; 1893, c. 295; Rev., s. 339; C.S., s. 378; 1969, c. 44, s. 64; 1973, c. 108, s. 46.)