96-21. Duties concerning veterans and worker profiling.

The duties of the Employment Security Section include the following:

(1) To cooperate with all State and federal agencies in attempting to secure suitable employment and fair treatment for military veterans and disabled veterans.

(2) To establish and use a worker profiling system that complies with 42 U.S.C. 503(a)(10) to identify claimants for benefits whom the Section must refer to reemployment services in accordance with that law. (1921, c. 131, s. 3; C.S., s. 7312(c); Ex. Sess. 1936, c. 1, s. 12; 1979, c. 660, s. 26; 1993 (Reg. Sess., 1994), c. 680, s. 6; 2011-401, s. 2.22.)