95-224. Scope; powers and duties.

(a) The provisions of this Article shall apply to all operators and migrants except:

(1) Any person who, in the ordinary course of that person's business, regularly provides housing on a commercial basis to the general public; and who provides housing to migrants of the same character and on the same or comparable terms and conditions as those provided to the general public; or

(2) A housing unit owned by one or more of the occupants and occupied solely by a family unit.

(b) The Commissioner shall have the following powers and duties under this Article:

(1) To delegate to the Director the powers, duties, and responsibilities necessary to ensure safe and healthy migrant housing conditions.

(2) To supervise the Director.

(3) To issue preoccupancy certificates to certify that housing for migrant workers has been found to be in compliance with this Article.

(4) To conduct postoccupancy inspections of migrant housing in accordance with the provisions of G.S. 95-226(g). (1989, c. 91, s. 2; 2007-548, s. 2.)